Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Apply sunscreen.
Lay in the sun.
Apply more sunscreen.
Read more.
Apply the last coat of sunscreen just to make sure.
Nap again.
Eat dinner.
Drink beer.
Repeat for 2 more days.

Aaaahhhhhh I love the beach...


momduke5 said...

You definitely have become a southerner....we do not pronounce our "r's" in New England your title should be git-ah-done. How soon we forget.

number4of5 said...

Actually, the Git-R-Done was a reference to some huge cheesy window sticker we saw on the back of some Redneck truck on our way down to NC this weekend. I was mocking southerners Mother, not embracing them.

Lites said...

Here's the dad's version of going to the beach;
- wake up @ 6 (that's AM Billy)
- drag kids out of bed
- wipe bums, feed mouths
- load car
- drive
- forget sunblock, turn around & get it
- get lost & get mad at mom (becuase she obviously moved the beach since the last time you were there.)
- arrive
- find spot large enough for blanket, cooler & chairs while still allowing for enough room to build sandcastles. 1 square mile is about right.)
- apply gallons of sun screen (becuase your kids are translucent & bones can get sunburned)
- sit for 5 minutes
- build sandcastle that keeps falling down
- trudge down beach to find bathroom
- sit back down
- trudge down beach to find bathroom (again)
- watch sun set
- rinse kids in ocean
- pack car
- get gas & McDonalds
- drive home grinning from ear to ear while everybody else in the car snores

number4of5 said...

Eric this is perfect! You have clearly outlined why I don't have children yet. Although, my bones also burn so I understand the gallons of sunscreen issue.

You just need to bring more aunts or grandmothers, so you can include -"pass children on to relatives so wife and I can swim!"

Welcome to the blog!

cdeniserun said...

Hello "yankee" family:
I can't believe you are mocking my "people" after you so kindly accepting into your "tribe". So should I assume this is what you say about me behind my back?? Before making generalization about southerns - you should visit Asheville, NC... not everyone is a redneck there!! Still love you all - my family away from home!

do-re-Me-La said...

To my friend with the SPF 30 - you know how to Git-R-Done! I'll accompany you and your bag to the beach anytime.

number4of5 said...

Wow, three comment virgins on the same day, for the same post. It feels like my birthday.

Denise...I have never heard anyone defend the southern redneck charm with such passion. Rest assured that the things we say about you behind your back are more indepth and complex. Us Yanks just generally use bigger words.

Lauren...Maybe we can leave your brother in DC next time and have a girls weekend. Oh, wait...no. We need someone to carry our things. Regardless, I am always happy to share my extra strength, sweatproof, swimproof, sunguard that they call SPF 30 with you. It has become one with the bag.

lites said...

no problem wit redneck in the 02081! It's practially the Dixie of the north!