Thursday, May 04, 2006

The greatest diplomatic gift ever

More Pink

The Cherry Trees blossomed here in DC about five weeks ago, but since most of you don't live here you can just pretend they are blooming now. (If you want pictures from me a little faster you can spring for the digital camera. As always, it is on my wishlist...hint, hint) The Cherry Blossom Festival is the one time of year that I can handle the crowds on the Tidal Basin. The sea of pink is way too pretty to miss. The rest are over on flickr.

Sunset on the Cherry Blossoms


she's so jealous said...

One of my most favorite things in the whole world are the Cherry Blossoms! I even thought of having a destination wedding to get married under them, but I knew that 4 months was just not enough time to plan something like that.
Oh well!

Lenman said...

Beautiful, aren't they? Maybe you'll have the opportunity to travel over to the place they were donated from one day. It's awesome that time of the year over there...

momduke5 said...

Cherry blossoms are in bloom in Beaumont Ca where your Uncle Chris resides. He is going to learn how to make a fresh cherry pie..not the one from a can that I make. It will probably taste as beautiful as the trees look. Your pictures are beautiful and the comments by prof photographers on the ones in Austria make me think you ought to get a job with National Geographic. Good luck my little one.

number4of5 said...

DDJ...they are unreal. By far the prettiest thing in DC.

Lenman...Japan is on my list, I will get there eventually! wow. I think people understand me a lot better now.