Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Cate!


Three is a good age to be. People can call you a "big girl" and you are actually happy about it.

This is my niece on Christmas morning opening the never ending supply of presents. I love listening to her "oooohhhhs" and "aaahhhhhs" like every present she opens is a set of diamond encrusted Jo Jo dolls. I am sad that I can't watch her do the same with her birthday presents this weekend, but I will be thinking of her. Thinking of her while my behind is sitting on the beach drinking cold beverages and soaking up the sun.

Be back next week!


momduke5 said...

The greatest gift is to hear her voice at 6:30am
..."this must be a call for me...and then hello...I wish her happy,happy,happy birthday and she says thanks Grandma...The gift of life and love ...thanks little one.

Lenman said...