Monday, May 15, 2006

My Sheri Amore,

So, my dear friend, you are turning thirty. I think the best part of this day is not the fact that you are older than me, although that part is great too, it is the fact that I have known you for so long. How many people are lucky enough to say that they have been friends with someone, at your age, for almost twenty-five years? That is a long, long time. Our friendship has withstood the test of time. You are a dear friend and I love you.

I love you so much that I want others to share in the magnificence of your life. So today, on the start of your 31st year, I offer to the world, glimpses of your life so far.

I am proud to say I knew you when...

img0011 scarfed pizza down your little pie hole at my first grade birthday party.

img0051 played Doug Mirabelli to my Tim Wakefield.

img0061 played for the Bad News Bears.

...your hair defied gravity at the Junior Prom.

img0081 retired your softball cleats for rugby cleats.

img009 were in the closet.

img007 drove cross country with me, and people mistook us for truck drivers.

img0031 showed pop princesses that they ain't got nothing on you.

For real, Happy Birthday my dear friend. I hope the next 30 are as good for you as the first 30, and I hope I am still along for the ride.


Numero Uno said...

Here is to hoping my sister finds a new hobby by the time October rolls around!!! Happy Birthday Sheri!!!!

Big Kahuna said...

There is only 142 day's until pay back time. No place to run, no place to hide

momduke5 said...

you are one great gal but then you would have to be to be such a friend for so long to my little one. Happy day to you....and I owe you some pan fries next time you are home.

pop princess said...

Hey Wakefield,
Thanks for the "tribute". And all the years. You just wait, my friend who turns 30 in 140 days!!!
- Doug thanks for the login name.

number4of5 said...

numero got off easy this past year. That will not be repeated.

Big kahuna...bring it on. You got nothing.

Mom...How about making me some pan fries? Why is it only Sheri that gets them? Man I get no love.

Pop Princess...from a girl who would email me instead of commenting on the blog, I am glad you finally picked a name. And I am glad you still want to be my friend.

Now the question is, which one of you actually took the time to count the days until my birthday?

. said...