Monday, May 22, 2006

Not 'til the fat lady sings

Unbelieveable! 9-1 Red Sox lead going into the ninth, in what was a text book perfect game against the Yankees, and Keith "Johnny Burger King" Foulke gives up four stinking runs. WTF?? Thank God that we have Papelbon as our closer now, but it sucks that he had to warm up after two outs in the ninth. Schilling looked magical tonight, the Sox fielding was superb, and their bats were blazing. Why does Foulke have to give me agita? And when will Dave learn that saying "oh, but they got the win" before they get the last out, will put me over the edge? Damn that Foulke.

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Houseboy said...

When will you learn that I enjoy watching your agita?