Friday, May 19, 2006

Wierdest human interaction, possibly ever

Back in February, I started bitching, I mean posting about Project Runway on this here blog. You remember those days don't you? Me ranting aimlessly about the brilliance of Santino, and the idiocy of the other designers. Aaaahh, the good old days. Well due to the great world of the blogosphere, another blogger named Dan Vera found my blog and started commenting. I was psyched to find another person who was not only as crazy about the show as me, but was also crazy enough to be writing about it on the internet. He even had a preview of the final designs before they were on TV. If you don't know cool, that my friends is cool. So, I have been popping back to his blog from time to time, showing respect to the PR fans.

So fast forward to today, again at the Book Expo America, and I was talking shop with a very nice woman for a small book publishing house. It went something like this, "Blah, blah, blah, work. Blah, blah, blah, here's my business card." But as I was talking, I saw this guy out of the corner of my eye who looked ridiculously familiar. Now I am still talking to this lady, but all I can think in my head is, how do I know this man? Finally, it clicks. Oh my goodness, it is Daniel V. No, not that Daniel V. the designer, Dan Vera, the blogger. Now that I had realized how I knew him, I wasn't sure what to do. Do I walk away and pretend this never happened? Or, do I walk up to this stranger and say "Hi, I read your blog?" My instinct said the later, so I walked up to him and said, "Hi, I read your blog." After assuring him that I was not a psycho crazy stalker chick who hunts down random bloggers at book fairs, we had a nice chat. Together we plotted to take over season 3 of Project Runway, so stay tuned. But it is weird that this whole blog experiment I am conducting, has bought me face to face with an actual human being who I "met" on the internet. A very nice human being at that. This is so 21st Century.


Anonymous said...

Is that a reference to my totally mind blowing My Space blog? I believe it is, you are so jealous of my Marcel DuChampesque blog, i am flattered. You should also be jealous of the fact that I am currently doing a Simpson's Jigsaw Puzzle "Sunday Afternoon on the River near the Plant", eating yummy food, and yummy cookie dough. All while mentally preparing for a trip to Santa Cruz. J'adore le vacance. (or is it la?)

carolyn said...

um dude, that is the first fellow blogger you've met? OK maybe it's just because i started in the knitting world, but i've met almost every blogger i know at this're one of the few i haven't!!!

Lenman said...

Wow. That's pretty neat. ...but I guess I'm also one of the few who hasn't met other fellow bloggers. I'm not a freak, am I?

danvera said...

Hey there!
I'm SO glad you looked past the weirdness of the situation and came up and said hello. It was one of the highlights of the Expo. I am only now blogging my experiences as my shoulders have been twinging in soreness from lugging all that bookish swag from the Expo. I had no idea you lived in DC. Thanks again and YES!! we must plot season THREE!!

number4of5 said...

Ann...stop leaving comments that have to be translated from sanskrit before anyone can understand them. Either that or lay off the drugs. Isn't that Ko Ke Do?

Carolyn...nope, first blogger. My Mom always told me not to talk to strangers. are not a freak. Well, I have never met you so I can't say for sure...but this part of you is not freakish.

Dan...I thought I was not going to be able to lift another book, my haul was big. And thanks for agreeing to hold down Nina Garcia while I slap her silly with a pair of Jimmy Choo's.