Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Adventures in paranoia

I just finished a CSI marathon, I am home alone, and I am scared shitless. With every little noise that I hear, I think a mask wearing, gun yielding psycho path is going to break down my door and torture me until I die from the sheer shock of it all. I placed a screw driver next to my bed in case I need a weapon. The only real weapon I know how to use, well besides my fists (ahem), is a baseball bat and that is in Dave's car. Not helping me in the slightest now is it? When I was in the bathroom I heard a noise, and thought to myself "What the fuck kind of weapon do I have in here?" I glanced around, focused on the Lysol, and decided that if anyone tried to attack me while I was in the bathroom I would blind them with my fresh linen scented deoderizing spray. I really liked that idea, so now the air freshener is next to the screwdriver on my nightstand. Best to be extra safe.

I am off to bed now. Let's hope I make it until tomorrow.


Pop Princess said...

Now I can relate to that. you might want to write again to let us know you did make it. Or I might have to drive down to make sure.

number4of5 said...

Thank you Sheri! I was wondering if anyone was going to inquire about my well being. I could have been slaughtered and no one else would have checked. I am not surprised that you did...seeing how many times I came running to your house when you were was probably growing up in BrockVegas that made us such scaredy cats.