Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Today I learned that there are three distinct type of people in this world...those that like the movie Zoolander, those that like the movie Napoleon Dynamite, and those that like neither. From the scientific research that I conducted in my sister's back yard, and at my parents dinner table, I have concluded that if you like one it is improbable that you will like the other. The brilliant comedic genius of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson is lost on those who enjoy watching annoying boys with lisps from Idaho whine. I also concluded, based on a test of seven different qualifying factors, that those in the first group are intellectually superior, as well as physically more attractive than those in the second group. Now those in the third group, those that like neither movie, well...there really isn't much hope for them. They are doomed to a life of social rejection and failure.

For the rest of you in the Zoolander column, Orange Mocha Frappacinos are on me.


Houseboy said...

Finally, science is making our lives better!

NTS said...

If we were British, I'd use the following analogy:

Napoleon Dynamite = Monty Python.

Zoolander = Benny Hill...

Liking neither = The Vicar of Dibley.

So which would you rather watch?

I'm not British, but I'll use the analogy anyway.

numero uno (in order...not favorite) said...

British TV? Where does Dr Who fit in?

carolyn said...

as to your post, i am in agreement. zoolander, good movie & those of us who like it are intellectually superior.

i strongly disagree with the napoleon dynamite = monty python analogy as i LOVE monty python and i HATED napoleon dynamite.

Anonymous said...

I really liked both movies.

Scientifically that make me really really ridiculously good looking and a buttload of gangs are recruiting me.

number4of5 said...

Houseboy...scientific research like this can be extremely valuable. We could/should just ask people we meet which category they fall in to determine if we want to associate with them.

NTS...The Vicor of Dibley?? Who are you?
What about Mr. Bean?
And Benny can keep your Benny Hill and replace it with AbFab. Now that is good TV. There is no way that Pedro and the boys can be compared to Monty Python...I think the lack of sleep from the baby is affecting your sense of judgement.

numero uno(nice order tracking)...Dr. Who still freaks me out. I have nightmares about those moving circles around his head in the intro, and those strange alien people with the bad 70's outfits, and I haven't seen it in at least 20 years. What was Dad thinking when he let us watch that?

carolyn...Zoolander is for those who have been blessed by God. There is nothing more.

Ann...I would love to meet the gang that is recruiting you. Good luck with that.

allison said...

And where does the research come out on on fans of Anchorman?