Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Hub of the Solar System

Watching the Red Sox pounce the Nationals was not nearly as exciting as I hoped it would be. Yes, the Nats are my #2 team, but they are Dave's #1 team. I was hoping for a good battle so that when the Red Sox came out on top I could do a victory dance in his face. There would have been lots of laughing, finger pointing, and couch jumping involved. Instead, after destroying his boys from RFK in an 11-3 stomp that made the Bad News Bears look like viable candidates for a spot in the National League East, I just feel bad for him. It must just plain suck to not be from Boston.


houseboy said...

Tonight didn't help much.

lites said...

you know the worst thing about the nationals is that they kept the W from the old senators. I used to wear an old red hat that I could get away with becuase there was no team, but couldn't do it now. They should switch to the DC on the front & go for the 50cent look.

big kahuna said...

Red Sox had 46 hits in 3 games. We wish to thank the Nationals for increasing the team batting average by 18 points.

number4of5 said...

Houseboy...it helped me.

lites...I see the DC hats around the city quite a bit. They have so many versions of their logo out there because they are trying to capitalize on all the interest for the "new" team.

pops...I couldn't have said it better myself!