Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Welcome back Pedro!!

Dear Pedro,

We had many, many, many great times together. I will always be thankful for those days...the strikeouts, and the wins, back when you were one of the fiercest pitchers in the league. I could never thank you enough for the 2004 season and all the happiness it brought me. There were times that I am willing to overlook, like your obnoxious exit from town,and that know the one, everyone who wasn't under a rock in 2003 knows which game I am talking about. But those times are over. Your good far outweighed your bad while you were in town. I don't hate you. You deserved that ovation at the start of the game in Fenway tonight, way more than Johnny no-name deserved it a few months back.

However, I have been thinking about it, and I don't miss you. In fact, I am glad you are gone. Yes, you got shelled by your former team tonight, but that isn't completely it. I don't miss your whining, your inconsistent pitching, or how much of a nutty head case you were. We never knew what we were going to get when you took the mound. It was like watching Sybil pitch. Will Pedro strike out 10 batters tonight, or is he going to mud wrestle Don Zimmer again? I never felt comfortable when you started a playoff game. Unlike Schill, or D. Lowe, or Beckett now, you didn't step up your performance in key games. You were never the go to guy and that is what burned you in the end.

So, I wish you continued success with the Mets. I am sure they are happy to have you. Hell, if things keep up we may see you again in the playoffs. But if that happens, I feel much more confident in the cards my boys can play then in the one they got rid of.




Houseboy said...

For once (off the record of course), I agree with you about baseball. He's a punk.

Big Kahuna said...

The only good thing about pedro's return was watching his ass get kicked in the first and third. It's quite obvious from watching his performance that he doesn't have it any more. Not one fast ball over 88 mph. Sox made the correct decision by not signing that greedy bastard to a new contract.

NTS said...

Pedro obviously needs to find himself another good luck midget. That being said, I'm happy that he has reinvented himself in the junior circuit. He can be successful against those mediocre NL teams for at least another three years. Good luck Pedro, thanks for the memories, and we'll see if you can outduel Oil Can Boyd in an old timers' game in 2015.

lites said...

manybe Ronnie James Dio could be Pedro's new midget?