Sunday, July 23, 2006


Cate on the beach

I am back...did you miss me? More about the trip later...

The new Photo Friday is common, and this was my daily view this week, my neice on the beach. The sailboats, the water, the sand, the wind blown hair, all very Cape Cod.

I miss it already.


numero uno said...

I just want to pack them back up and return to the beach. Uncle Billy better start buying his lottery tickets....not sure how much more of this work thing I can take!!!

she's so blase said...

As an avid reader/junkie, I'm glad to hear you're back. Too bad you couldn't just blog from the beach all day - then we'd both be happy! Also glad to see the return of Photo Friday - you do have an amazing eye!!

number4of5 said...

Numero uno...I am totally with you. Being in sweaty, hot DC is not my idea of a fun time. It also doesn't help that Jenn is still there without us.

SSB...Thank you, my other eye is pretty great too. As Kristin mentioned we all plotted how our lives would be if one of us won the lottery. I was promised a mini and a life of full time photography, blogging and travel. That would really make us all happy!

No joke, as I sit here typing this at my desk, dreaming about the life of the nouveau riche, a mini just passed by my office window. Grrrrrr.

momduke5 said...

We all miss the tranquillity, the great family meals together, playing with the little ones,the breeze on the porch, and sharing with one another. The picture of the little blonde is not unlike yourself at that age...actually very much the same. Dad and I were very happy to share the time together with all of you. So sorry "T" was not there but pleased for our time together.
Thanks for the memory.