Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Third time is a charm

It's back! And you love it! Come on, you knew this post was coming, don't fight it.

The third season of Project Runway started tonight, and because I loved the second season so much I have mixed emotions about going into the third. I want to see all the designs, and the backstabbing, and the cattiness, and the TV enhanced drama, but I don't want this season to be a fake imitation of the last. Instead, I want it to stand out on it's own. Am I asking too much of primetime television? Yes. Am I going to watch anyway? Yes indeedy. It is too early to tell whether it will be worth my time. Some of the early design looked good, but we need to weed through the initial crap before the season gets really hoping.

Heidi's (that is Heidi Klum to the rest of you) comment about how amazing it is that Laura, the mother of five, can find time to stay stylish, design, and raise her kids. If by raising her kids she means keeping the nanny, the maid, and the cook on speed dial, yes that is amazing. I am all for women in the workplace, and I am all for women using help when they can get it, but let's not front like she is doing this alone. Now having said all that, I like the coat she designed.

Make it work people.


dan said...

Hey there!!
Did ya watch?!?
I liked the first night a lot. I sort of went off about the new characters but it was enjoyable. Seems like a talented bunch and a lot more experienced. I did appreciate your comment about the wealthy "homemaker" getting pity from Klum -- who I haven't really forgiven after what she did to Jay on that Jay special.

Tim Gunn said...

I was underwhelmed.

number4of5 said...

Dan...they do seem like a more experienced bunch. I forgot about that Jay thing...I can't wait to see his new line.

Tim Gunn...THE Tim Gunn!!! My God, this is best day for the blog EVER!

Tim, you almost hijacked the winner's design last night when you asked him to add more household product to it. Are you showing an early bias? Or is your taste just a little off? And why did you allow that basket to go down the runway? Tim, Tim, Tim...

And can you tell me what happened to Banana Republic?

Thanks for stopping by Tim!!!

Dan Vera said...

Was that really Tim Gunn?
Seriously now.

number4of5 said...


Are you surprised that Mr. Gunn reads my blog?

I think it was the spirit of Tim Gunn channeling through my sister, or one of her coworkers. But until they reveal themselves I am going to believe that it is really him.

carolyn said...

yo. i just watched for the first time EVER. now that i know you're watching too, i will keep at it. anyway, we posted about it at our TV blog if you are bored senseless and want to hear what things other people had to say about it: