Thursday, July 27, 2006

Yahhhmith, or Yarmouth for you non-Bostonians

I have been putting off writing this post for a few reasons. The first is that I have been coughing so much this week I may have passed my appendix, through my throat. The second is that I am way too sad about no longer being on vacation and I don't want to think about it. But the last, and most important reason, is the blog whores. Yes, the blog whores. All last week, with every photo I snapped, with every funny story someone told, with any motion anyone made I was inundated with questions about said moments blogworthiness. "Do you think that will make the blog?" "Is this blogworthy?" "I am only watching Project Runway with you so I can make the blog." You know who you know what you did...and who am I kidding pretending that I didn't love every stinking second of it! So let your blog worthiness commence...

When Dave and I rolled up at the beach house, the first thing out of my sister Jenn's mouth was, "We ring the happy hour bell every day at five, sometimes earlier." She wasn't kidding, there was an actual bell celebrating this fine moment of the day. This is the house we stayed in...
Cape House 2006
We spend a huge amount of time on the porch. It was very much like the movie Friday, except we had a porch, and they had drugs. Fair trade really.

I was really excited about our proximity to the beach, and my goal was to spend as much time there as possible. Shock, I know. During my first few hours on the Cape I noticed my sister Kristin's sandals and commented about how much I liked them. "Thanks," she said "but you haven't seen the best part." Now the next move my sister made may have changed my life forever. She lifted up her foot to reveal the bottle opener that is embedded in the sole of the sandal. Yes, a bottle opener in her sandal. It was then that my goal for the week changed from spending time on the sand to figuring out where on earth I could get my own pair.
Sandals plus bottle opener make me a happy woman
As you can see, I succeeded. I love them so much that I have been running around like a deranged woman showing everyone the bottom of my shoe. They now all think I have a drinking problem. And before any of you comment on this, yes in this photo I am opening a twist top bottle. Yes, I could have just as easily done that with my hand. But damn it, I HAVE A BOTTLE OPENER IN MY SHOE and I am not afraid to use it.

My shopping spree did not end there. Jenn bought me a very early holy-crap-you-are-turning-thirty-this-year birthday present, my very first "Cape Cod bracelet". Or as I like to call it, my ICKristin starter set. It is official, I am cool now.

My vacation was also major quality time with my nieces. It is my obligation to you, and to them, to brag about how cute they all are.
Fish faces, well sort of
In my defense, we were both making fish faces in that last photo. Cate just needs to grow up, get her shit together and focus. God. But how scary is the resemblance of Ellie (baby number 2) to the spawn of Derek Zoolander? Very scary considering that she is the product of two Napoleon Dynamites. They must cancel each other out.

There were also many lawn games played in the front yard. Volleyball, croquet, bocce, name it, we played it, and Neil won it. But I still have no solid explanation for how this happened...
I am pretty sure this is illegal in Texas.

So, I left a whole bunch of crap out. Don't take it personal people, you are all very blogworthy. I am just done with this marathon of a post.

There are more photos on flickr if you are so inclined.



numero uno said...

Am glad you are enjoying (and getting good use out of)the sandals....would like to wear them to work...not sure how well they would fly at the office.

Nice links and great pictures! Can I ring the bell now??

number4of5 said...

Please ring the bell. We can fight over who will open the bottles.

I wore them to work yesterday. We are pretty casual here, but I just made sure I didn't run up to my boss and show him the bottom. Although, he would probably want a pair...

she's so blase said...

I can't believe it Ladies!!! WE'RE BLOGWORTHY!!!

number4of5 said...

HAHA...I never knew that being on my blog was so exciting!