Friday, August 25, 2006


Circle of Trash

I took this photo outside the Library of Congress a few weeks ago. There was a giant pile of rubble, which you can see below, just dumped on the corner. DC, or our federal government to be exact, takes very poor care of the federal land in the district. This pile is just one example of a very large problem. There is poor, or no, grounds keeping of the National Mall, where large expanses of land have no grass and the paths can feel like a giant dust bowl. There are minimal public bathroom facilities anywhere between the Smithsonian and the Lincoln Memorial. When you can find one, you sort of wish you hadn't found it because they are so nasty. The security barriers that have been erected everywhere are heinous, and a major eye sore. At least we have sacrificed aesthetics for a false sense of security. That makes me feel good. I find this upsetting because I do love this area of the city. I have great memories of being here, multiple times, as a kid. It is our welcome center to people of other nations, and if this is the best we can do it is embarrassing. For such a rich, and powerful nation, we look like schmucks. I don't think that when L'Enfant was designing the city he was going for "trailer park chic." But that is just a guess.

Trash at LOC

The first photo is also my Photo Friday entry for circle.


John said...

Very cool, nice juxtaposition of old and new.

she's so blase said...

Amen sistah! I too, have very fond memories of our Nation's capital, having grown up on the other side of the Beltway. In a way, I'm kind of glad I'm not there to see it. I was going to comment about it when you posted the photos a while back of the Captial Building - it's just sad. If it's any consolation, here in Boston, the birthplace of our nation, we are looking at about the same sad state of affairs.

number4of5 said...

John...thank you! really is just sad. I saw giant orange plastic fence around the Lincoln memorial today. Hot!