Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dear Santa,

Hello Mr. Claus! I really hope you are enjoying your summer vacation, and the time away from your hectic winter schedule. Where was it you went this year? Fiji? Tahiti? Wherever you are, please enjoy your rest. No one deserves this break more than you do Santa. The President, Congress, and the Supreme Court are taking vacation now too, but for your sake I hope you don't run into them...akward questions about who made the "good" list this year and such. Never a good situation. Fall is just around the corner, and you will be scampering about with the elves before you know it. So take your time, enjoy your Pina Coladas, the sand between your toes, and those long summer nights. You will need your energy soon.

I am writing to you because I have a problem. So let's cut the small talk and get right down to the point. I know it is only August, but I have been really fucking good this year. Scratch that, I have been great this year. Yea, there have been a few slip ups here and there, some photos of my friends on the internet, a little bit of swearing, and some smack talking, but nothing too malicious. For the most part S.C. I am a glowing example of good behavior. I have not started any wars, nor committed any bombings, or kidnapped any white women, or anything. Hell, I am even nice to old people. My point here is Santa, I am due. I am due big time.

So since I am such a good person, and smell like freshly baked cupcakes, I know what you can do for me. Nikon announced this new camera today, and I want it bad. Just look at this sucker, 10.2 megapixels of pure lusciousness. I want to lick it. Do you realize what I could do with this thing? It doesn't come out until October, so that should give you, or the elves, plenty of time to shop. I don't even need the lens, so you can just buy the body. But if you are feeling extra generous a nice 28 or 35mm wide angle would be perfect. Thanks.

So anyway, enjoy the rest of the summer. Call me if you have any questions, you have my number. And I will be waiting for that camera to come in the mail sometime after October. I think waiting until Christmas is not very fair, early November is fine.

Thanks again Santa, keep up the great work!




momduke5 said...

so does the little girl know the price??? and she who does not believe does not receive...combo birthday and xmas it in the range???

number4of5 said...

Mom...only you, my real life Santa, would actually respond to that letter. Let's just say it ain't cheap...

momduke5 said...

Don't say ain't... your mother might faint your father will fall in a bucket of paint is Santa's wish to give all that he can to good little girls and boys...I can only wish....but remember their nxt model will be even better than this is a vicious circle...what is wrong with the d50?