Sunday, August 27, 2006

I invented the piano key neck tie! I invented it! What have you done, Derek? Nothing!

Friday night, out at a bar, during a conversation with a group of friends, we starting talking about Will Ferrell. One of our friends mentioned that he loved him, and Dave mentioned something about Zoolander.

AF(anonymous friend): "I have never seen that movie."

Insert shocked and appalled looks, from both Dave and I, followed by words that sounded like,

Dave(toAF): "I swear, that movie is a good 20% of the reason why Meaghan and I are getting married."

Insert shocked and appalled look by me.

Me(to Dave): "What is wrong with you? Are you crazy? That is soooo not true. It is at least 30% of the reason why we are getting married. At least 30%"

And that is why, this relationship works. At least 30% of the time.

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houseboy said...

hey AF: you think you're too cool for school. but i have a news flash for you walter cronkite. you aren't.