Saturday, August 05, 2006

I Love the 80's!

We saw this awesome band last night, at the Iota. Since it is polite to share, I must tell you about them. Then you can tell your friends, and they will tell theirs, and this great little band will become wildly popular and I will not have to listen to terrible shit on the radio, like The All American Rejects, or whatever junk the kids are listening to these days. Their name is Jupiter One, and they are like Duran Duran meets the Talking Heads. Minus the 80's cuteness of Duran Duran, because no one is as cute as my third grade husband John Taylor. I have been listening to their CD for a few weeks, and was glad they sounded just as good in person. That can sometimes be a crap shoot.

Anyway, go listen to them on myspace. Yes, myspace is not just for crazy sexual preditors, it is safe to click, I promise.

Why are you still here? Go listen.

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