Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm just a bill. Yes, I'm only a bill.

I have been thinking a lot about the post last week regarding things that I love. After perusing my photos I realized that there are so many things that I love that I do not have on film, or in pretty little megapixels. So I am trying to remedy this problem.

I work on Capitol Hill, not to be confused with "On The Hill," meaning I don't work for Congress. Thank God. My office is in the area of DC known as Capitol Hill. I love where I work, because, well, every day I see this:

The Capitol
Not a bad deal. I try very hard, as with all the brilliant things about DC, not to take this for granted. Despite the number of times I want to trip a hill staffer or intern in the street, I enjoy the 'hood. Plus we just got a Dunkin' Donuts. Score! There is a new visitors center being constructed around the Capitol building that really kills the scenery, but if you just squint really hard you can pretend it isn't there.

I also love being so close to the Library of Congress. The library is my favorite building in the District.
Library of Congress
I often walk over on my lunch break to catch the most recent exhibit. They displayed photographs last winter that were taken by the Farm Security Administration in the late thirties, early forties. As I was examining the shots I came upon one that looked really familiar. In the middle of the quiet, marble covered gallery, I yelped (yes yelped) because I realized that the photo I was starring at was of my hometown. Wicked cool. There is one coming up this fall about maps that I can't wait to see. No, I am not only a bill, I am also a nerd. Get over it.

Fountain at the Library of Congress
This last photo is the fountain in front of the Library. I was standing above it when I took this shot.

There are more photos of the hill over on flickr.


numero uno said...

Hmmm..... map exhibit.... maybe it is time to schedule that long overdue trip.... very jealous!

Anonymous said...

is that turtle peeing out of its mouth? brilliant.

Numbah Two said...

why is it that we all love maps so much? nts makes fun of me because i will just pull out a map and 'read' it. as if it is a book or a magazine.

number4of5 said...

Numero uno...map exhibits are fun, and I knew I was not the only one in the family who would like this. And obviously anything that will get you to DC is even cooler.

Anon...I particularly like how the horse looks like he is trying to knock down the turtle. (Z??)

Numbah two...I do the same thing, I do not think it is strange. NTS can laugh all he wants.

But we are all mapists, that is for sure.

momduke5 said...

It's really bad when you are on vacation and I ask your dad to please stop at a map store in Maine. We looked around and they had lots of maps some old and new. It was a treat! Hope the babies catch onto this wonderful world of knowledge.