Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More bitter than sweet

After several weeks of watching season three of Runway, I have developed a complex, and comprehensive, analysis of the way the show is developing. My love of season two has been well documented on this blog. Since I care for you all so much, I will share with you my thesis.

Project Runway fucking sucks.

Where is Andre?


Anonymous said...

guess i don't need to call to find out how your night was


Lis said...

We must discuss! I feel despondent as well about the show, but I still feel the need to watch and evaluate. My viewing attitude is no longer giddy and expectant but now resigned and much like staring at a car wreck. I did love all the moms tonight though. Jeffrey was such a complete ass tonight that I almost kicked him in the face. But he was on tv and I was in my living room so that was a problem. Angela's poor mom! And he made her look like a bag lady. But I digress. Let's chat tomorrow. Oh, and how's the google map coming?

Dan Vera said...

I don't know. I guess I'm feeling a bit different about how the show went. But overall I think I agree with you about the season in general. It's got no spark really. I feel like I'm in remote control watching the show. Posting something on my blog about it seems like a chore. I did it and then came over to see what you wrote and I thought to myself, "yeah. I could've typed that too and felt perfectly satisfied."
Sigh. Where's Andre? Where's Santino saying, "Where's Andre?"

lites said...

hey, it could be worse, your show could be Rockstar, where three musicians (actually 4 counting Navarro) who have never played with a real singer try to audition a bunch of nobodys who've never sung into a mic before to be a part of ther make-beleive band.

Sorry was that a run-on secntance? And was it bitter?

number4of5 said...

Dave...true that.

Lis...I disagree, Angela's Mom was a baby. I exhausted my thoughts on this with you today. The show is surviving on reputation.

Dan...The honeymoon is over, and we are all watching the show hoping to catch a glimpse of the beauty it once held. Sigh...even the drama is manufactured by the producers...I miss Santino.

Lites...Bitter is good, I like bitter. I learn so much from all your comments, I have never heard of that show. You should go on it and show them how it is done. It sounds almost as bad as when INXS auditioned a new lead. Never watched it, but why would that be a good idea??

carolyn said...

this is my first ever season watching so i guess i have no clue how much better it could be. :)

Numbah 2 said...

I am two weeks behind on the Runway ... but I am sorry that it doesn't sound like it is going to get any better. Don't worry, it is on Tevo just waiting for me. I need to wait until NTS and I can both watch it together ... because he pretends he doesn't like it but I know the truth.