Thursday, August 03, 2006

An Open Letter to Mr. Tim Gunn

Dear Tim,

Abort! Abort! Abandon ship! The S.S.Runway is sinking!

Oh wait you didn't notice? Oh that is right, you were busy "relaxing" at the cloisters. I am so glad they included that little segment last night because when I think relaxation in nature, I think Tim Gunn.

Seriously Tim, what is going on? I fear that my beloved Project Runway has jumped the shark, a whale and a bonobo named Suzy. Was season two the end of the fabulous ride? Please say it ain't so.

The first mayday signal was kicking Malan off the show. Yes, the dress he made for the Miss Universe pageant was wretched, but at least it was an attempt at something new. Miss puffy skirt Angela, who made nothing, contributed nothing, and is overly irksome, should have been gone. She would not have won last night if it weren't for her teammates. Enough said.

But what really concerns me Tim, is not the judging, over which you have no control, but the bad advice you have been giving the contestants! In the first contest, you suggested that Keith (ahhh, Keith, I will miss you) add more housewares crap to his dress. Thank God he didn't listen to you because it would have been a disaster. He went on to make a beautiful dress, and won the contest. No thanks to you. Then, last week you told poor Bradley that his shirt was bad, so he started over. This process caused a Bradley slow motion meltdown. He almost didn't finish. He went back to his original design and the judges loved it. Are you trying to sabotage these people? Or, as you like to say my dear Tim, is this just a matter of taste?

So Tim, I am bummed. My Wednesday nights are not what they used to be. Perhaps it is the close connection to Donald Trump that has gotten the show in trouble...the Miss Universe contest, former Runway contestants as judges of Miss Universe, Ivanka snooty pants as a guest judge...what is the deal? Or maybe I just miss my beloved Santino...ahhhh, Santino....Whatever it is Tim, things just aren't the same. But I want them to be!!!!

Tim, I am begging you, pleading for you to do something about it. Give me more Michael, more Alison, more Bradley...more pizzazz, something, anything...I WANT MY RUNWAY BACK!!!

A lifeboat may be our last hope. Send it quick.

Your beloved fan,



Lis said...

Well said. I believe that Tim Gunn owes you a response.

number4of5 said...

Lis...not responding is not an option. I want answers.

Big Kahuna said...

it's wonderful.... the demise of another reality show.... thank you jesus

Dan Vera said...

I have no doubt you have your finger placed on the pulse of the PR zeitgeist. Which right at this moment is rising trepidation. Oh mercy, mercy, mercy, life boats may be right.