Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Fantastic Four

In my last post about Project Runway I expressed how I didn't want any of the last four designers to leave. It was like I was channeling Heidi Klum, because the judges decided to send all four contestants to fashion week! Surprisingly, for me anyway, I didn't want to strangle one of them. I like how unique they are, and how well they all get along. I loved Runway for the drama, but now I love it for the people and their work. It is a grown up version of Project Runway, and I think the judges made a great decision.

But having said that, some of those last fashions were bad. Michael's model looked like she was getting ready for a white trash prom. Even that purple was trashy. It was more Kayne than Michael. I also think that the model makes a bigger difference than we notice. Uli's model was on fire...and has been the whole competition. I wonder of Michael can do as well without her now.

OK, enough with me being in love with everyone. Bring on the reunion show and all the trash talking!! I do love the trash talking.


Dan Vera said...

Glad the four survived as well. Like Uli's the most. Think Mama should've gone (from an overall view of her work). Disappointed in Michael and Jeffrey?... eh. Bring on the catfight!

number4of5 said...

Dan...I thought they were setting us up for sending Bad Mommy home. From those pictures her collection looks great, but not very springtime.

carolyn said...

i was glad neither jeffrey nor michael got kicked off - although they both deserved to be if they were actually being judged on just this outfit.