Thursday, September 28, 2006

That noise you hear is my insides screaming for help

Fried Milky Ways

There has been much discussion with some of my friends about the wide world of fried foods. As an almost general rule, if it is fried I will try it. The ongoing joke used to be that if I ever took my old car on Pimp My Ride, it would have come back with a deep fryer in the front seat. Mmmmm, fresh french fries while driving.

We went to dinner tonight with my good friend Kim, and tried out a new fish and chips place in Old Town. It is a start up by the owners of one of the best restaurants in the DC area, so it is "upscale" take away food, with a few benches inside. I don't eat seafood, but they did have a "Batter Burgah." The server explained that it was the best ground meat you can find, covered in flour and deep fried. Sold.

But the best part of the entire meal, really my entire day, was the deep fried Milky Way at the end of my meal. Yes, deep fried Milky Way. It tasted like a donut with a melted candy bar inside. Best. Thing. Ever. As you can see. You know, any meal is a hit when you can say at the end, that washing down a fried dough ball with Guinness is cleansing.


carolyn said...

they have deep fried twinkies at all the fairground yarn shows for some unknown reason. i think i would like the milky way better.

number4of5 said...

Carolyn...Lis and I have been on the lookout for fried twinkies, but have yet to find them. I am dying to try one, just by concept alone they have to be good.