Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wild Goats Can't Be Broken


A group of us camped out on Assateague this weekend to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday. Despite the rain, I fell in love with the beach. Very fitting considering it will probably be my last beach trip of the season. There are wild horses that roam around the island with no fear. One particular horse liked us so much that he stuck his head in our food bag and pulled out hamburger rolls to eat. It was quite humorous to watch eight adults try to shoo away a wild horse. There were also dear and goats scattered among the campers. Yes, goats. Goats with high tech tracking devises in fact. It is odd to see goats wearing more bling than you.

I don't camp enough. Dave comes with camping gear, which we have promised each other to use more often. The last time I camped was six years ago at the Grand Canyon, way too long ago. I couldn't do it for long stretches of time, but it is so fun to sit by the fire, stare up at the stars, toss back a few beers, tell crazy stories, and in this case, listen to the waves crashing on the beach. Fun times.

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Dan Vera said...

That's funny you were at Assateague. My partner Pete has been going to Assateague for an annual July fourth campout for more than a decade. The campout has grown to hundreds of folks. We haven't gone the last few years but it is still a very special place for him. The wild horses help too.