Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Last man standing

In the past hour I have gone from wanting to crawl into my television set and scream at "Bad Mommy" Laura, to jumping up and down in my living room singing the rocky theme song. I was so stressed for Jeffrey after last weeks show. How anyone thought he actually cheated is beyond me. In every episode he finished his design first. He was even the only one to hand sew his couture dress. The man is talented, and Laura jealousy pushed out the worst in her. The woman should have been eliminated as soon as her husband sat down in the crowd. You are trying to win a fashion competition and you let your husband leave the house in that tie? Dear God, that thing looked liked girl scout troop number 73 put it together, and then sold it at Walmart for a fundraiser. Oy, oy, oy.

Poor Michael. He is a nice guy, but his runway show was a bore. And tacky. America loves him, but America also loves NASCAR. Uli on the other hand, wow. That silver 60's mod number, the short dress with the long sleeves, Wow! Every woman wants to wear that dress. She has also become very lovable in these past few episodes, so if she had won I would have been very happy. But Jeffrey. Oh Jeffrey. He is not the "bad" guy the producers make him out to be. I love his story. I love his attitude. And I really love his clothes. From the detailing with the zippers, to the polka dotted dresses, so beautiful. Maybe he can do my bridesmaid dresses.

This last episode also solidified my love for Tim Gunn. The man is the most diplomatic, and genuinely caring individual on television. He almost cried when he told Jeffrey that he believed he didn't cheat.

I am so happy now. I am also so sad that I have no more Runway. What are we going to talk about on Thursday mornings at work??

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dan vera said...

Oh. I needed to read this. Seriously. To be reminded of the many ways Jeffrey is a good designer. My memory is lapse on that sort of thing.
As to Laura's husband -- I kept thinking he looked like Trotsky.
Michael's collection was hootchie but as I wrote on my blog, I think there's a market for that and he's going to do just fine for him.
Did love that ghost dress.
And thanks for reminding me of Fairy Godfather Tim Gunn. When he started tearing up I started to too. Oi! I have to interview him for the magazine. Just got to!