Monday, October 09, 2006

These boots were made for walking


You know you have lost your mind when...your sister calls you while you are shoe shopping, and you send her a photo of the boots you are trying on.

And then you blog about it.


Numbah 2 said...

I think that this is exactly why cell phone cameras were invented. Can you think of a more practical use? Nice boots, sis.

Numero Uno said...

Are you kidding??? This is EXACTLY the way I was able to purchase shoes for Nicole's wedding...only Denise was at the store.......PERFECT!!
Besides.... don't we always want each others approval on major purchases anyway??

number4of5 said... have made me feel less crazy...But then again, my crazy may only be relative to your crazy, tough call there. I also need approval on big purchases, it is like I need someone to tell me it is ok that I spend my own money, that I earned myself, on something I want. Funny how that works.

big kahuna said...

It's amazing that none of you needed that approval to spend my money

number4of5 said...

Dad...hmmmm, maybe if you send me some money I will ask you before I go shopping. This will be like trial system. To see if it works. What do you think?

momduke5 said...

But I DID send you money 4 your # 30 (to be used for boots)and you did not send me a picture of your impending purchase. Maybe you should apologize to dad. So what do u want for xmas...send me some pictures.

danvera said...

Mm... It's not clear to me...the most important question.... DID YOU GET THOSE BOOTS!?!?!
Or I should say those rockin boots?!?!