Wednesday, October 11, 2006



When we got to NYC last week we headed up 7th Avenue towards the park. I know my way around the city well enough, but I didn't realize that we were heading straight into ground zero. No, not that ground zero. Ground zero for Project Runway. It was as if the gravitational force of Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum were pulling me towards them. Anyway, when I looked up and saw Parsons I about lost my voice. Dave had no idea what was going on, he just knew that I was only communicating with dogs and a rare form of canary at that point. When I finally calmed down enough to explain that we were standing across the street from the center of my TV universe, he refused to believe that I didn't plan it. I didn't care, because I was too busy looking for Tim Gunn.

Project Runway

One of the funny things, for me anyway, was that Red Lobster is about a block from Parsons. I could explain to you the significance of this, and its relationship to Santino and Andre, but if you aren't cool enough to know already, I won't waist my time.

The top dress form photo is my Photo Friday entry for thin. The students were working away on these forms, just a dozen feet up from the street, for the whole world to see. These headless forms always remind me of Owen Meany. I love that book. I love NY. I love Project Runway. You probably get that by now.


she's so blase said...

"A Prayer" is one of my alltime favs!! I think I may reread it with all my post-wedding free time. Or I might go with Irving's new one - oh what the heck with all the time I'll have, maybe I'll do both! Thanks for the suggestion!

number4of5 said...

That post-wedding free time that you speak of, I have been dreaming about that. If you haven't read "A Widow for One Year" read it. Or, "Garp." Or any Irving really, I love him. "A Son of the Circus" was kind of off his normal path of writing, but I liked that too. Now I want to read them all again.