Monday, October 16, 2006

This is the Sound of Settling

Baa bah

I am calling a truce. I have been at war with an entire state, and I am drafting a peace treaty. If you have been reading this blog for a while you may have picked up on my hatred for Maryland. It is kind of a Northern Virginia thing, to make fun of everyone, and everything, in Maryland. They probably do it to us NOVA people, but I wouldn't know. I don't really hang out with those kind. Ahem. Anyway, I have had my own reasons for disliking the state, which I don't feel like rehashing again.

The point is, I may have been going to the wrong places in Maryland. My camping trip to Assateague was great, the beach was brilliant. This past weekend Lauren and I went hiking in Cunningham Falls State Park, in northern Maryland, and it was also brilliant. The crisp autumn weather, and the changing leaves, made for a perfect hike. Then, our hungry hiker bellies ventured into the town of Frederick. We were admittedly shocked at the very cool downtown area. Fun shops (I bought jelly bracelets, are you jealous?), and hopping restaurants, in an old main street kind of town. It reminded me of New England, and I like that.

Perhaps it is too soon to say that I am at peace with Maryland. If I have learned nothing from the past few years, I know that "Staying the Course" is a valid tactical maneuver. Perhaps I should follow that example, but my gut is telling me otherwise. I must scale down my attacks on the state of "Manly deeds, Womanly words." So let's call this the end of major combat operations, shall we? Maryland and I can work together for a lasting peace. And as soon as she does something about that Peter Angelos clown, we will be money.

There are more photos on flickr.

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Lis said...

I love that you started your blog post off with a Death Cab for Cutie quote! Love it! You're totally moving up on my top eight. Top five for sure!

The flickr pictures are beautiful. You epitomized fall. Fall isn't even in full glory here and DC so you went and found it in Maryland and brought back pictures. Well done.

Speaking of pictures, I got my 10 free mini cards from Moo today! I'll totally have to bring them in tomorrow.