Thursday, October 19, 2006

Too many books, read me your favorite line

I love to read. Books, magazines, blogs, I love them all. But between my daytime gig, and the waiting tables, and the studying, and the wedding planning, and the remains of a social life, I don't have much time for pleasure reading these days. A few weeks ago I subscribed to Daily Lit, a site that will email you a portion of a book everyday. All of the books are in the public domain. This means you are not going to find the new release by your favorite author there, but you will get almost all of the "classics." So every day, at your selected time, you get an email with part of the text of the book in it. The number of parts depends on the size of the book. Origin of the Species is over 200 parts, but Macbeth, which I have been reading, is only 27. It has been a long time since I have read any Shakespeare, so having it in small doses every day is helpful for comprehension. I have one piece to examine and analyze, without getting overwhelmed by the entire play. So for 5 minutes in the mid-morning I get me some of the Bard. Brilliant. The best part is that it is free!! So go sign up, and let me know what you pick. I will be shopping for a new title in a few days.


Pop Princess said...

Or another option ... using your commute wisely.... you can join "jiggerbug", an online audio book club like netflix. Way cool and convenient. (

number4of5 said...

I like this idea! My commute is very short, only 15-20 minutes, so I save that for my NPR time. I try to not watch TV news, so NPR is my main news source, well besides the internet.

This would be perfect if I had a long commute.