Monday, October 30, 2006

You're the reason why I sing this song

I went to my first concert in the eighth grade. A friend's older brother drove a group of us to the old Foxborough Stadium, where our giggling big haired selves saw the New Kids on the Block. Yes, my first concert was NKOTB. What self respecting female masshole my age did not see the boys from Dot perform live? Seriously. As if Jordan, Jonathan, Danny, Donnie and Joey were not enough excitement for several squealing girls, guess who opened up for them. Just guess. No, you are wrong. It was Marky Fricking' Mark. Pure Junior High School bliss.

Last night someone asked me if I could list all of the New Kids first, and last names. I thought I got them all, but when I looked tonight I realized that I forgot Danny Wood. Oops. But the best thing I found while looking for their names was the most brilliant music video of all time. It is causing flashbacks of being in my best friend's (Hi Sheri!) den, glued to the television. I think she actually knew all the moves to that dance. The question is, does she still?


Pop Princess said...

Well you might just have to find out at the wedding!

number4of5 said...

Hahahaha!! I will wait, but my money is on yes.