Sunday, November 05, 2006

The A-Rod of Football

I am sooo fired up for tonight's came against the Colts. I have been all week. Peyton Manning is probably one of my least favorite people. But I have blogged about that before, so I won't bore you again with why I think he is the heir apparent to Voldemort. Tom Brady was on fire last Monday night against the Vikings, and it better carry over to some serious ass whooping tonight. Tom is the unquestionably the greatest quarterback playing in the league today. You will not win that argument with me, so don't even try. Peyton on the other hand...The Sports Guy wrote a great article about this in his column the other day, and he explains it much better than I could:
"Getting constantly bombarded by those insufferable Manning commercials makes me want to throw my remote against the wall. And after seeing him choke like Aurora Snow against Pittsburgh last January, I thought everyone would realize he was the A-Rod of football, someone who couldn't deliver in the clutch, someone who routinely shrunk from the pressure. How many more seasons of evidence did we need?"
I can't wait for tonight!! I am looking forward to reports from NTS tomorrow about how the crowd reacted to Vinatieri. This is gonna be good.


NTS said...

A very, very disappointing game.. Brady was positively Manning in his performance... Poor decisions, bad throws. I thought he was channeling the ghost of Drew Bledsoe out there. Manning, on the other hand, played like Tom Brady. I loved that the crowd booed every time they played that stupid Peyton Manning mustachio commercial on the jumbotron. The crowd also booed Vinateiri pretty loudly, though their hearts weren't really into it. A lot less venom than Judas Damon. I think people just don't care about him leaving as much... and missing two field goals certainly softened the blow.

Obviously a bad outcome. I would feel worse about it if this wasn't all a part of Belicheck's strategy... I mean, losing to Denver and Indy, two teams we will probably see in the playoffs? Come into my web said the spider to the fly...

number4of5 said...

NTS, you have taken the blog to a whole new level with a field report. This is brilliant! It is like I now have my own Hazel Mae. But cuter.

Your wife and I were on the phone mocking the "mustachio" commercials, and how silly his little head looks on his big neck. I am glad to know that the crowd was booing them as well. Did they play the video of Peyton as a kid? They showed him as a high schooler, and he had the worst mullet ever. He makes me so mad.

I hope you are right-on with this whole master plan thing. How can they, in a matter of 6 day, go from playing like champs, to playing like poo? The icky kind, that you step in and it won't come off your shoe. I guess we will just have to hope for a rematch.