Monday, November 13, 2006


Smoking is Gross. Dave is not gross. But smoking is gross. After about 15 years of sucking on the cancer stick, Dave gave it up. Today is the one year anniversary of Dave being smoke free. 365 whole days. For those playing at home, that is 10,950 cigarettes that have not passed through his lungs.

When I played Little League Softball, after every game, we sang a chant. "We are the Red Team (we had red shirts, come on we were softball players and not cheerleaders for a reason) we couldn't be more prouder, and if you cannot hear us we'll shout a little louder." Poor grammar yes, but we were badasses. My point is, we were wrong, I could be more prouder. And I am.

So here is to the first year of being smoke free David, from the proudest former little leaguer out there.


Numbah 2 said...

Kudos to Dave. I know that quitting smoking is a LOT harder than quitting biting your nails and I can't even manage to do that.

I'll be glad to have you around longer.

Not So Anonymous said...

When Mary reached the smoke free for 2 years landmark she bought herself a gift with all the money she did not spend on cigarettes. I recommend Dave do the same as he deserves it and you can buy some pretty sweet things with the money for 10,950 cigarettes.

Lis said...

Well done Dave!

momduke said...

365 days is a well deserved congratulations! I am proud of your accomplishment and of how much it means to the little leaguer and to your own health. Well done young man!