Friday, December 01, 2006

The more the merrier

I just found out that the new person in my office is a Red Sox fan, and I am very ecstatic. He is hahhd coh too, not just a band wagon fan. Last year when Johnny Damon signed with the Yankees I had no one in my office to sympathize with me. I was basically screaming at the blank faces of coworkers who wanted to run and hide from the inaudible freak. My excitement level has been pretty high, and I am having a difficult time determining the cause. It could be that I am so happy that my new office friend has Pats stickers on his car. Or, it could be that I have had three cupcakes, two pieces of pizza, a can of coke, and a gingerbread latte, in that order in the last few hours. Or, it could be both.

Yeah, probably both.

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Numbah 2 said...

Your new office friend's arrival is a sign. It's a sign from the gods. He has arrived from your future. He is on a mission to tell you to move home ...