Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Spending all that time staring at maps will bring you great internet joy

I wasn't lying when I told you I loved that map game yesterday. I was not satisfied with my 82, I knew I was better than that. At 97 I stopped playing, mostly for my sanity.

Aside from reminding me of the time my older brother maxed out his score on "Space Invaders" and my Dad took a Polaroid of him standing in front of the television, I took the screen shot to show to you a few things.

1. Spending all those years studying African history finally did pay off. And to think that my parents thought I was crazy. They must be so proud now.
2. I am about 800 times more bitter about being forced by the powers that be to take not one, but two, yes two geography courses. Shouldn't this test alone count for one course? For reals.
3. I am better than you.
4. I wasn't kidding about number three.

To be fair, I was the only one in my seventh grade geography class to score a hundred on our world map test at the end of the year, so clearly I was heading into this with some advantage. If only the GRE was a map test...


NTS said...

My problem is that I learned geography from playing Risk as a kid... not once did that stupid game ask me to identify Kamchatka or Western Australia... stupid game.

Lis said...

This game has decreased my self-esteem. Can we set up a world map downstairs and do some drills?

numero uno said...

Show off

Esq. said...

I often think of you as a nice person- and then things like this happen. It reminds me of you bragging mercilessly when you did better than me in that African History class where I had read all the books and you had read half of one. I don't mind that you are smarter than me, but do you always gotta brag about it? Just to spite you I will not play the map game, instead I will stick with the intense typing tests I am taking at goodtyping.com- I got less than 2% wrong on level two!

Bea said...

I chose B. I'm also forced to hate you for the next 4 minutes or so. Just so you know.

number4of5 said...

NTS...but Pistol Pete told me you were really good at geography. Seriously, maybe the problem is that when you were playing Risk the map looked a lot different, b/c the Austro-Hungarian Empire isn't around anymore.

Lis...YES! brilliant, there must be buzzers involved somehow. I love buzzers.

Numero uno...I think the word you were searching for was genius.

esq...I still take great joy in that story, just thinking of it brought a smile to my face. I also did better than my brother too, man you guys were pissed. I am evil. You would so kick my ass in a typing test, I never did learn how to type properly. Maybe you could be my secretary?

bea...yes, be jealous! But also know that while you were typing that comment I was searching through the dumpster at work b/c the cleaning people threw away a box I needed. Yes, I said dumpster. And yes it was at work. Are you still jealous?

Lis said...

I thought you'd be interested to know that I came home from work today and spent sometime studying up on a world map (I'm gearing up for those drills downstairs). Look at you, not even teaching yet, and you're already an inspiration for learning.

number4of5 said...

Lis...I guess that is better than throwing spaghetti against the wall.