Saturday, December 30, 2006

We are living in a rice cereal world

The past week and a half has been great fun. It started last Tuesday night with the Iota Christmas party, where champagne flowed like the mighty Potomac. Even with all the fun people, and general seasonal merriment, the highlight of the night was during the post party party when Dave and I sang Karaoke. Now, I am not a karaoke kind of girl, so belting out Linda Rondstat and Aaron Neville was a little out of character for me.

The song was "I don't know much, but I know I love you" but it should have been titled "I don't remember much, but you signed me up for that cheesy song and there I was singing in front of a lot of our friends." I do remember a lot of people that must say something. Ha.

Christmas was awesome, and appropriately was all babies and puppies. Tucker, the wonder Airedale, is the newest addition to the clan. Since Rudy died last spring my parent's house has been dogless for the longest period of time I can remember. It is great to have big fumbling paws around the house again.
Tucker, the man and his dream

This little guy is awesome. After only spending a few days with him he already told me I am his favorite, sorry guys. Dave and I really want a dog, and we can have one in our place, but we you can't exactly bring a dog to all the places we plan on traveling to in the next few years. My parents have kids who can help watch the dog, I don't. And I like my freedom too much, we can wait. So, it was awesome to hang out with Tucker for a few days, now if only he lived closer to us...

Speaking of being the favorite, my nieces are getting so big. Not too big for my Dad to corral them together in their matching red cute, right?
My Dad and his ladies

All of them are going to be little heartbreakers one day.
Ellie taking a tubbie

At the beginning of December I wrote a post about a great shopping web site I found. The site had camouflage everything, but my favorite item was the fancy water bottle cover. Well, my brother's girlfriend Danielle(Hi Danielle!) had me in the grab this year and yup, you guessed it, I now have my very own cheetah print drink holder. Brilliant.
One of the greatest Christmas gifts

Now, this gift is great and all, but it does not compare to the Mugatu hat, and Zoolander t-shirt she also gave me. Genius. Danielle is a genius. If ever there was a good reason to blog, it is so people will know what kind of great gifts to get you. Seriously.

We spent last night celebrating the holiday with Dave's family so it has been a marathon week of Christmas celebrations. It was great to see everyone, but as always it went by too fast. Way too fast. Lastly, I promised Sheri I wouldn't post this picture on the blog:
Yes, we have too much fun together
I lied. That's what best friends are for.


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