Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pats Win! and Colts fans have no sense of humor

Wow, that game was tough. I knew that the Chargers wouldn't go down easy, but it was way too close of a game for my nerves. Games like that make me want to vomit I get so worked up. Thank goodness that one is over so I can spend all week getting jazzed up about playing the Colts next weekend.

Speaking of the Colts, over a year ago I wrote a post about Peyton Manning and how he is the closest thing to a dark wizard that we have on this earth. I have been getting anonymous comments on that post for a while, the most recent being last night. Now, I have expressed how I feel about annoying anonymous comments in the past, so I won't do that again. I will add that I do enjoy when people can't take, or don't get a joke. I really like it when those same morons are defending Peyton Manning. It is genius really.

Per example:
"Peyton Manning on the other hand has taken "quaterback" to a whole new level of football. Maybe because he IS slightly better than Tom Brady...that's why it bugs you. It's ok, TOM can still be your man! He's just not "THE MAN" if you will."
Right. Hmmm. Interesting choice of capitalization, spelling and quotations.

"I love peyton manning,but not for all the reasons sprtscenter hypes him up to be. I like him for who he is. But i will say-he his no spawn of a death eater."
Oh. My. God. For real, he isn't a Death Eater?! And all this time I was harboring the belief that he was doing the work of Voldemort. Geesh. Next thing you know someone is going to tell me that TOM Brady isn't actually Harry Potter. Now that would just be crazy.

Let's hope the Pats can keep on winning, because who knows what Colts fans will say when the actually start winning.


lites said...

not only do they have no sense of humor, but a dusting of snow & a thin layer of ice shuts the city down for 2 days in the middle of February.
I should've known that we were in trouble when church service cancellations stated rolling on the news screen before a flake had even fallen. but, i did get to locate the exact spot in the RCA dome turf where Willie Mac stuffed the Edge in 2003.

number4of5 said...

What, like they don't get snow in the midwest? Come on. If Peyton Manning is "THE MAN" maybe his behind should have been out there shovelling. For reals.