Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thankful that I still go to the gym

In honor of our friend Bethany's birthday, my coworker Kelly baked cupcakes and brought them into work. Chocolate cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Chocolate cupcakes, with chocolate frosting, and mini chocolate chips in them. Mmmmm. Never being one to turn down a perfectly good cupcake, I inhaled one first thing this morning. There were witnesses, I barely came up for air. It was so good. It was the kind of cupcake that requires several napkins and a wet wipe to get the markings off of your fingers, and in my case face. By ten o'clock I was becoming frustrated with one thing or another, so Kelly brought a second cupcake to my desk. Hey, it was delivered I couldn't turn it down. Next thing you know it is noon and I decide to go in for a third. Perhaps the universe was trying to tell me that three chocolate cupcakes, with chocolate frosting, and mini chocolate chips in them is not a good idea before lunch, because midway through I cut my lip on the metal wrapping. There was blood. This did not stop me from eating the rest of the cupcake however, it only required that I use my free hand to hold a napkin to my face while finishing the cupcake. That my friends is talent. By the end of the day I could still feel the little cut on the bottom of my lip and it didn't feel good. Knowing that I was actually stronger than the metal wrapping, I did not let it get the best of me. I showed it who was boss, and went in for a fourth. Success was mine. I completed the last cupcake of the day with no damage to my epidermis and my pride intact. Well, my determination intact anyway. I am still looking for my off switch.


Lis said...

It's true folks, I witnessed Meaghan hovering over the office sink scarffing cupcake number one this morning. And I saw the cut (cause by wrapper of number 3), it was a doosey.

lites said...

sitting here on the couch
working @ 11:53PM
just ate a whole package of girl scout cookies
not only am I getting fatter by the second, but the girls are going to be mad that there aren't any cookies left

Clarkson said...

I'm so happy that Lis pointed out that #1 was eaten over the sink in the office kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Will the wedding cake be chocolate?

number4of5 said...

Ladies...there is nothing wrong with eating over the sink. It prevents me from having to clean a plate, or throw away another napkin. Therefore, I am saving the environment. Eating over the sink is an act of kindness to our mother earth.

Lites...yum! What kind of girl scout cookies? I think that if a cookie only comes out once a year, the girls should be more on top of eating them first. Their fault, not yours.

Anonymouse...It is unclear, but if I were a betting woman I would have my money on chocolate.

carolyn said...

this post is pure genius, dude.

still on a bit of a sugar rush when ya wrote it? :)