Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's official, we have both lost our minds

As I type this, Dave is sitting in our living room using the laptop to leave comments on my flickr pictures. This would be normal if I wasn't sitting in our office reading the comments on the computer as he posts them. If someone were to break into our apartment, and bitch slap us right now, it would justified.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with Lis today over lunch, about how technology has changed our lives in so many ridiculous ways. How fast things happen, and change, and the new ways we communicate. How the cool new thing from last year is already outdated. It was a good talk, you should have been there. I am a few, OK, like five, years older than Lis, so when I shared with her what I am about to tell you I felt like a dinosaur. When I first went to college I took a word processor with me. A word processor. And it was a nice one too because it had a small screen and you could save what you were working on. It was so nice that people used to want to borrow it. Dinosaur. Oh yeah, this was in the nineties. That isn't that long ago.

Not to quote Ferris Bueller, but life moves pretty fast. Our spawn are going to think that leaving comments on the computer is like using a messenger pigeon.

Monday, February 26, 2007

So I try a little Freddie, I've gone Identity Mad

I cannot stop listening to "Grace Kelly" by MIKA. Dave introduced me to him a few weeks ago, and his songs are addictive. He isn't on Pandora yet which is annoying, but you can get it on iTunes. It is bop your head around feel good music. And that is exactly what I am doing right now.

On a different note (pun definitely, and most obnoxiously intended) Elvis Perkins is my other music addiction at the moment. "While You Were Sleeping" is the single, but the whole album is just plain beautiful. Not what you would expect from the son of Norman Bates, on an album about the death of his mother, who died on September 11th. But, it really is brilliant. Definitely worth a listen to.

Friday, February 23, 2007


I am up playing nurse, so what better time to post for Photo Friday?

I have shown similar ones from this series here before, but not this shot. It was taken at night, and I think that helped the leaves on the trees to really pop. Whenever I look at this I want to reach out and rub his head. Kind of like how I used to rub the heads of my fisher price people as a kid. The little grooves always felt nice on my fingers. So bizarre, but I know you know what I am talking about. Texture is fun.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sharing the fun

I was in my pajamas, and under the covers a bit early tonight. At 10:20 I received a text message from my friend Cat asking me if I was home, because she was outside. I immediately became worried that something was wrong, so I slipped on my closest shoes, and headed for the door. Standing on my front porch I didn't see her, or her car. Then this shiny new silver number flashed it's headlights at me. It took me a minute, but I finally figured out that she bought a new ride. And it is awesome. I could tell you all about the fancy bells and whistles, but you only need to know that it had leather seats, and seat warmers. If you are going to cruise around the neighborhood late at night in your jammies and patent leather shoes, the seat comfort is extremely important.

It is fun to see your friends excited, and to enjoy their happiness with them. This is why I want to share with you more of Cat's fun news, that she is featured in Interior Design magazine this month. Woohoo! It is her first time her work is in a national publication, so go check it out. And since Cat designed my office, I am now one step closer to being able to tell people that I work in a Hailey Design, and they will know what I am talking about. Because right now it makes me sound loony. OK, more loony.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Self Portrait

Self Portrait
Self Portrait for Photo Friday.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Fun with my gastrointestinal system

Late Friday morning I started to get some cramping in my stomach. I left work early because the only things I was capable of doing at my desk were leaning over, and whining. I came home and took a long nap. Correction, I watched The Breakup, then took a long nap. By about five I still wasn't feeling well, so Dave took me to the doctor again.
Luckily the same doctor who pumped saline the wonder drug into me was there. She started the exam by poking and prodding every single part of my abdominal region. This is so fun, especially when you are having stomach pain. My favorite part was when I had to take in a deep breath, and she pushed in real hard while tapping on my gall bladder. The good news is that my gall bladder is fine. She then eloquently explained, and I quote "women have more internal organs than men." Thank God she went to med school. This was followed by the exciting news that she was going to have to rule out any problems with my girl parts. I can't think of anything more fun that I would rather be doing on a Friday night then having an impromptu pap smear. Can you? So, my girl parts are fine. Then came the blood work. I really hate needles. Lucky for Dave, he was there so I was able to clench down on his arm real hard to deflect any pain I was experiencing. The blood work came back fine, which left the last test of the evening, the X-Ray. This was the highlight of the night because they had the nicest disposable gowns I have ever seen. Seriously. They wrapped all the way around you, with a thick tie in the middle. No parts that weren't supposed to be exposed were going to be exposed. I felt very secure, and when you are wearing nothing but a tiny bit of blue paper in front of a middle aged, male X-Ray tech, you want to feel secure.
By the time the doctor looked at the X-Ray she new what was wrong with me, good old fashioned gas. Yes, all that pain and I get to tell people at work that I left early because of gas. There were half dollar sized pockets of gas all throughout my intestines. The X-Ray was awesome. Picture chains of circles, like a child would draw a caterpillar, all through my insides. It was freaky, but looked so cool. I am really mad at myself for not taking a picture of it, it totally would have been blog worthy.
Turns out that my stomach was just not ready to handle normal food after my illness last week. I had been eating the bland foods they suggested for days, and I was feeling great. Surprisingly, the cheeseburger, fries, beer, and ice cream sundae that I ate on Thursday night was probably not the best idea. In retrospect, well duh! No wonder my stomach hurt, right? But that is a very average meal for me, so I didn't think anything of it at the time. I have never had gas, or any sort of digestive problem before, so eating that meal didn't seem risky. Little did I know that my body was going to backfire on me, and turn my food into little balloons of painful, painful noxious vapor. I altered my diet again and I feel much better. I ate bland baked chicken tonight with cous cous. Not the most exciting thing ever, but I will be able to lay down tonight and not want my insides removed.
It has been an entertaining two weeks with all the great things that are happening to my body. Let's hope that my innards don't want to make this coming week a three-peat.

Friday, February 09, 2007


Skylight at the National Archives

Taken last week, via the Skylight, at the National Archives II building in College Park, Maryland. If you look real close you can see me taking the picture. My Photo Friday entry for "Sky"

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I finally moved my blog over to the new version of blogger. They have been sending me notices about moving for months now, I have just been afraid it was going to change my layout on me. Today it wouldn't let me sign in to the old blogger, and forced me to switch. This is kind of like how flickr is making me switch to a yahoo log in. It seems like everyone wants me to change, and I am resisting. I have no real reason, just stubborness. And, well, I can be stubborn.

The transfer went smoothly and I changed up the photo blog a bit. I also left a little something for those of you who read my feeds. You can only see it in the atom feed, so if you are using the rss feed you might want to switch. And if you have no idea what a feed is (yes, I mean most of you) just ignore the last few sentences.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Step by step instructions for making soup

Step 1: Say "Honey, will you make me some soup?"

Step 2: Eat soup

Monday, February 05, 2007

Sick, and tired. And tired always followed sick.

I went to bed early last Wednesday night because I wasn't feeling well, only to be woken up two hours later violently ill. Dave was working, so I was home alone and frightened that I was going to pass out. I was really sick. I called him, and he called my friend Catherine who flew into my apartment like an angel in less that five minutes. I won't go into details, but poor Catherine should be knighted for what she did that night. She even arranged to have another friend drop off a thermometer so she wouldn't have to leave my side. That is a good friend. It was a very long night, and I spent the next day sleeping and sipping various drinks that Dave propped up to my mouth with a straw. He really has that whole "in sickness" thing down pat.

To be honest I really don't remember much of that day, or Friday, I just know that I was happy I didn't look like the spawn of Skeletor anymore. I was no longer sick just unbelievably exhausted. I was hoping that I would wake up on Saturday and feel like myself again, but no luck. Dave made me try and walk around the apartment, but standing made me dizzy and short of breath. So after another day of rest we went to the doctor yesterday, where they pumped fluids into me. I HATE needles, so when the nurse continually tried to get into my veins with no luck, and a lot of loud, heavy complaining on her part, I almost flipped. I mean lady, I know you are frustrated but I guarantee this hurts me WAY more than it hurts you. Dave calmed me down by asking me to name the entire Red Sox roster by position. He then tried to convince me that the warm blankets they were giving me were just like being in a day spa. I recommend coming to the doctor with us, it is a good time. So after almost two bags of saline I started to bounce back. That stuff was better than crack. I had visions of starting an illegal saline den in our apartment and charging by the bag. We could make millions. The doctor explained that they couldn't tell what caused the illness, food poisoning, or a viral infection, but that they could tell by my blood work that I was really dry. She explained something about hemoglobin that flew right over my head, but I interpreted it to mean that my blood had been like sludge for the last few days. Awesome.

I am almost back to myself again which feels great. This was the first year in a long time that I didn't have people over for the Super Bowl, which stinks. I also haven't posted any pictures over on the photo blog because, well, I haven't been taking any. I am hoping to start that up again tomorrow. Anyway, it feels good to be back to the land of the walking and feeling normal. I'm glad to be back.