Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I finally moved my blog over to the new version of blogger. They have been sending me notices about moving for months now, I have just been afraid it was going to change my layout on me. Today it wouldn't let me sign in to the old blogger, and forced me to switch. This is kind of like how flickr is making me switch to a yahoo log in. It seems like everyone wants me to change, and I am resisting. I have no real reason, just stubborness. And, well, I can be stubborn.

The transfer went smoothly and I changed up the photo blog a bit. I also left a little something for those of you who read my feeds. You can only see it in the atom feed, so if you are using the rss feed you might want to switch. And if you have no idea what a feed is (yes, I mean most of you) just ignore the last few sentences.

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