Monday, February 05, 2007

Sick, and tired. And tired always followed sick.

I went to bed early last Wednesday night because I wasn't feeling well, only to be woken up two hours later violently ill. Dave was working, so I was home alone and frightened that I was going to pass out. I was really sick. I called him, and he called my friend Catherine who flew into my apartment like an angel in less that five minutes. I won't go into details, but poor Catherine should be knighted for what she did that night. She even arranged to have another friend drop off a thermometer so she wouldn't have to leave my side. That is a good friend. It was a very long night, and I spent the next day sleeping and sipping various drinks that Dave propped up to my mouth with a straw. He really has that whole "in sickness" thing down pat.

To be honest I really don't remember much of that day, or Friday, I just know that I was happy I didn't look like the spawn of Skeletor anymore. I was no longer sick just unbelievably exhausted. I was hoping that I would wake up on Saturday and feel like myself again, but no luck. Dave made me try and walk around the apartment, but standing made me dizzy and short of breath. So after another day of rest we went to the doctor yesterday, where they pumped fluids into me. I HATE needles, so when the nurse continually tried to get into my veins with no luck, and a lot of loud, heavy complaining on her part, I almost flipped. I mean lady, I know you are frustrated but I guarantee this hurts me WAY more than it hurts you. Dave calmed me down by asking me to name the entire Red Sox roster by position. He then tried to convince me that the warm blankets they were giving me were just like being in a day spa. I recommend coming to the doctor with us, it is a good time. So after almost two bags of saline I started to bounce back. That stuff was better than crack. I had visions of starting an illegal saline den in our apartment and charging by the bag. We could make millions. The doctor explained that they couldn't tell what caused the illness, food poisoning, or a viral infection, but that they could tell by my blood work that I was really dry. She explained something about hemoglobin that flew right over my head, but I interpreted it to mean that my blood had been like sludge for the last few days. Awesome.

I am almost back to myself again which feels great. This was the first year in a long time that I didn't have people over for the Super Bowl, which stinks. I also haven't posted any pictures over on the photo blog because, well, I haven't been taking any. I am hoping to start that up again tomorrow. Anyway, it feels good to be back to the land of the walking and feeling normal. I'm glad to be back.


Lis said...

Wow, I'm sick right now too, but not any where near as sick as you were! I'm glad you're feeling better, and... do you have any spare bags of saline laying around?

number4of5 said...

I knew the saline thing would sell! You could come over right now and I could get you pumping. I hate when I don't listen to myself.

Anonymous said...

Lots of angels have the name of Catherine.Give her a hug from me and thank her for being there from the mother who loves you very much. You made a remarkable recovery from Pneumonia one day when u saw the golden arches at the Children's Museum in Boston. You would not eat, hardly drank and our Catherine would cook you anything. The little girl would not eat. I needed to go the TWCU on Milk St and Nana, Tim, you and I took a ride. On the way home we went over the bridge and you saw McDonald's, asked 4 a plain hamburg and your recovery was beginning.