Friday, March 02, 2007


Cartographic stacks

Looking down the countless rows of stacks at the National Archives you can't help but feel alone. There is material housed in rows just like one, lined up for miles, completely vacant of people. This is the cartographic area, so the drawers are filled with maps, and maps, and maps, and maps. They sit and wait, and wait, and wait, for an archivist to retrieve them and be used for research. The lights are motion sensitive, so this whole area remains dark until someone comes along and steps down a row. It is worse than the loneliness of a library, because of the limited number of people who can access the stacks. It is almost creepy to be alone.

Photo Friday entry for Alone.


Anonymous said...

U should invite all of your siblings to that little hallway and they would all go bonkers. Bring little Cate and she could be introduced to the wonderful world of then and now. Kinda like all the conversations of you being a Dinosaur. Tell me what is your favorite map?

Anonymous said...

where have you gone?