Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Crossing some major league lines

My fantasy baseball draft is this Saturday. I am still(shock) a little bitter about my second place finish in the finals last year. My Fenway Franks lost by one point, ONE POINT! in the second week of the playoffs. Bitter. This is the closest I have even been to fantasy baseball victory and the sweet taste of success was ripped from my fake players fingers. Winning the money is one thing, but being able to smack talk for the entire off season about how much of a bad ass I am is what genuinely appeals to me. That is six whole months of being able to rub in people's faces that I am better than them at managing a team that doesn't even really exist. Can't you see why this is would be so awesome?

My league has always been mostly men. There are a few women that have come and gone, but without much consistency and without being very involved. When I first started playing I could tell that the boys were a little nervous about letting me join. They kept asking Dave if I was really going to be involved, and since I wasn't there for those conversations I can only imagine what he was thinking. " stat checking...yeah, this should be fine." I was quickly embraced by my league, and they now call me Frank, which I think is hysterical.

We play through Yahoo, and every year I change my avatar to something different. Last year I had on a baseball uniform, with a mean pet dragon (I have no idea, don't ask) and an angry scowl on my face. I am really tough. This year I took things in a slightly different direction:

Fitting, right? This totally says serious fantasy baseball manager. Let the games begin.

Go Franks!

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carolyn said...

i don't even know you beyond the blog and i am already laughing at them not realizing how competitive you were going to be. hilarious. and your new avatar? evenmoreso. can't wait to hear how you do this season!!!