Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm the guy who does his job. You must be the other guy.

I finally saw The Departed this past weekend, after months of people telling me that I needed to see it. Lots of people also tell me that I need to see Fever Pitch, but that will promptly happen at about quarter past never. I just can't do it, and if I start writing about why we will never get to what I wanted this blog to be about, so stop distracting me and let's get back to work, shall we?

So, The Departed, I finally Netflixed it after Clarkson told me that they mention BrockVegas. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the last movie to mention BrockVegas was Coneheads. Since that was such a success, I thought that I would give Matty and the boys a try. Truthfully, I will see any movie that Matt Damon is in, so it was just a matter of time. A few scenes in I was sold, I absolutely loved it. I normally struggle with Boston movies because of the accent butchering, but this wasn't too bad. Mahky Mahk obviously killed it with his authentic Dotty accent, and so did Damon. Jack Nicholson had no hope, but he has the same disease as George Clooney, in that they can only play themselves. It is also rumored that Nicholson refused to wear a Red Sox hat in the movie, and wore his Yankees lid instead. However, he also said that his character represented pure evil, so it kind of makes sense. Jack is Jack, I dig him anyway.

The slang was brilliant. There were times, especially the scenes with Mahky Mahk, where I turned to Dave and asked him if he understood what they were talking about. This is because having only lived there for a few years he may not be all that familiar with Boston slang, but also because not having been born in Massachusetts he is intellectually inferior. Don't worry, I explained everything to him, and we continued. (To be fair I thought that my mother was the only person in the world to use the term lace curtain Irish). There was a scene where Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio were running through Chinatown at night, wearing almost the same outfit, proving how similar their characters were. They had on jeans, dark hoodie sweatshirts, dark colored baseball hats and sneakers. This was where Scorsese sealed the authenticity of Boston for me, because that looked like pretty much every single guy I went to high school. And my brothers.

Nothing may ever be able to knock of Good Will Hunting's top spot, but The Depahted is now one of my favorite Boston movies. Well, that and Still We Believe.


carolyn said...

phew. i was worried you weren't going to like it and then i was going to have to question everything i know about the universe because i thought it was so f*ing great even though i probably did not understand one word of the boston slang and unlike lucky dave still have no one to explain it to me.

Anonymous said...

You went to USC 4 1 semester and walked under a confederate flag....you have traveled all over Europe, listened to dialects I have never heard and probably never will...but the best slang of all is in Boston. So the next time we speak and I say buttah, yahd, cah, remember Leonardo DiCaprio and how great he was ...really loved him. Love to meet him...and Lace Cutain Irish has been around forever....like slacks...so glad u liked the movie. A mos from 2day u will be an old married lady. Congrats...and all my love