Monday, April 30, 2007

The Monstah

Does it get better than this?

How can you not love it?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wally, It's not what you think

Just awesome.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Point proven

As if only to prove my point about how terrible they are at their jobs, the Orioles broadcast booth has been taking a shellacking regarding a comment they made about Schilling's bloody sock. Now, I don't know how I missed it the other night, but I did not hear the ridiculousness myself. Long story short, Gary Thorne (who you ask?..exactly), stated that Doug Mirabelli told him that Schilling's infamous bloody sock from the 2004 World Series was not really blood, but paint. He also quoted Mirabelli as saying that it was all done for PR purposes. Now, if you think back far enough to 2004, you might remember that the Red Sox were doing a pretty good job of getting press without Curt having to paint his sock before a game. Clearly we weren't getting enough attention for beating the Yankees in the greatest comeback of all time, in all of sports, in seven games of the ALCS. Curt Schilling is full of himself, that is no secret. But to be a nobody, from some nothing baseball market, and accuse him of lying and fraud, is a pretty frickin' absurd.

There are rumors floating around the area that the Orioles owner, Peter Angelos, is looking to sell the team. Since he took over in 1993 the team has done nothing but tank, and he is running the organization into the depths of Baltimore's inner harbor. It would be very exciting to see the O's have a competitive team again. These may be famous last words, but it would be nice to go to Camden Yards for more than just a chance to see the visiting team.

Thorne took his words back by saying that he misunderstood Doug Mirabelli. Maybe the Boston media is making a bigger deal of this then it needs to be. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe he has no clue what the heck he is talking about. But maybe, just maybe, the O's should be looking for new broadcasters. This would not only be about a sock comment, but how the main voices in the booth have nothing to contribute to the game.

Thanks to SSB, and Numero Uno for the links!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I heart the Rem Dog

I often hear people say that baseball is a boring sport. This is clearly something I do not understand, nor something I feel like delving too deeply into at this time of night. It is a game of strategy, there are dozens of things going on before each pitch, understanding all of those things brings a greater appreciation of the game, and greater enjoyment of the sport.

Baseball announcers play such a huge role in bringing that greater appreciation of the game to the average Joe (or Johnny Burger King if you will). I grew up watching Bob Montgomery and Sean McDonough on TV-38, and was totally spoiled. These two men are responsible for my early teenage love of the Boston Red Sox.

I have been sitting on my couch for the last few hours watching the Sox take down the Orioles, and I cannot believe how rookie ball, J-V, pathetic the Orioles coverage is. I feel like I was listening to some single A team announcers from Wichita, cover a game in the early 1980's. The sound is dull, the commentary is boring and flat, and it makes me want to throw something at the TV. The O's are broadcast on MASN, which also owns the Nationals coverage (another irritating subject I don't want to get into right now). So, one team owns almost all of the coverage for two major league baseball teams, and produces a show that could have been made in my high school TV production class. I am not the least bit kidding when I tell you that during the post game show one of the commentators lifted up a hand made chart, placed it over his microphone so the sound was muffled, and without explaining the chart stated, "This green area shows where things went wrong." ???? I feel that I have a pretty firm grasp of the game of baseball, and I have no idea what in tarnation that clown was talking about. At the end of the show, they put up a digital list of all the things the Orioles needed to do to improve this week. My first thought was get rid of Peter Angelos, but they had a few other things in mind. The first item was something about improving he bullpen, this was the only solid commentary. The second item was, again I am not joking "Sock it to the Sox." What?? Is this Major League Baseball, or my junior high school softball team? The last item, and my personal favorite, "Win this home stand." I am so frustrated. Where is the analysis? Where is the detailed explanation of what went right, or wrong? What are the young teenage girls in Baltimore learning about the game? Where is my Rem Dog?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Go swimmin' in the deep end I find out where your faith begins

I am linking to Mark's web site, because I think he is awesome, and I think all of you should buy his CD. He was a gentleman, and wasn't hawking his wares during our reception. He performs under the name Vandaveer, and his songs are available on iTunes, or the CD is for sale on his site. The second song he played is not on the album, but the first song he played is, "however many takes it takes."

It was so very hard to keep that secret, especially from Dave. On the way up to Boston we heard one of his songs on XM, and we were both giddy. As many of you witnessed on Saturday, he is an extremely talented musician, so hearing him on satellite radio was quite fun. After the song was over I asked Dave to remember to tell him, the next time that he sees him, that we heard him on XM. I have no idea how I didn't open my big fat trap at that point, but I am glad I didn't.

Monday, April 23, 2007

One if by land, two if by sea, three if you run into Derek Jeter on your wedding night

So, I am married now. It feels a lot like not being married, but with more jewelry.

There is a list 8 miles long of all the amazing things that happened this past weekend. It is unclear how many of those things I will share here. I will say that every bride should feel the way I felt on Saturday. That may sound like a bunch of malarkey, but when they make movies about people getting married, and you sit there and watch them, and think to yourself, "That is too ridiculous, things this good don't happen in real life," I am here to tell you that it isn't crazy, our wedding was that awesome. I mean, all joking aside, we really did run into Derek Jeter last night. Who else would be in there wedding dress and run into Jeter? Seriously.

As a wedding present, my brother gave Dave and I his seats to the Red Sox game tonight. And just to show you one small example of how my entire weekend went, this wasn't just any Red Sox game. This was the first Red Sox/Yankees series of the year. It was the first time I saw Dice-K pitch. It was the first time in 17 years that the Red Sox have swept the Yankees at home. They beat them by hitting...
to back...
to back...
to back home runs.
This was only the fifth time that 4 home runs in a row have happened in baseball history. The last time was 1964. And we were there, in the mix of the Fenway frenzy, soaking up every single amazing second of it. And for me to say that this game tonight was only one small example of how my weekend went, should help you realize how awesome it truly was.

I am so, so very lucky. I have a lot of amazing people in my life, who took such good care of me this past week. Any words I could find for describing how awesome these people are would feel false. And posting them here would feel too insincere. I guess I just want to convey that I hope that every man, woman, and child, at some point in their existence on this earth, feels the way that I have felt this past weekend.

Life is good.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Am I blue?

Perfect Weather

Photo Friday this week is "The Blues." The Washington Nationals may have had blue skies on opening day, but their season is already giving me the blues. Last night they logged in their second win. That's right, second win. Their first win was last week, when they barely inched it out in the ninth inning. This meant that last night was the first time all season that they had a man at the plate, and the lead. Yes, all season. Awesome.

The good news is that the Nats aren't my real team. They are the local team, and I dig them a lot, but they aren't the same as my boys. I don't have that violent emotional reaction that goes along with being a Sox fan. I also love the Nats because having them here means I no longer have to go to Baltimore for Opening Day, or any game for that matter. Dealing with Orioles fans during Sox games is annoying enough, thank goodness there are only a few of them.

I am hoping for an upturn for the Nats, I really am, but I think it is going to be a few years before Washington is able to field a decent team. And that makes me blue.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Frodo failed, I now have the ring

My Dad just called to check on me, because I hadn't updated here and he was dying to know the results of my ring dramarama. I have both rings, my engagement ring is just as perfect as the day it was given to me, all is well in the world.

My wedding ring is also very beautiful. I was joking today that when I tried them on together I felt like I was introducing a new child to an older child. They have to learn how to get along together, because they will be friends for life. Very much like how siblings need to learn to deal with each other. I also thought that adding a second ring after a year and a half would give the first one enough time on her own. You know, to be nurtured and what have you.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What not to say to a woman 11 days before her wedding

So, as I sort of alluded to a few posts back, I have been having an ongoing problem with my jeweler. You don't want to hear all of the details, I don't feel like rehashing all of the details, so I will give the basics to get you caught up.
1. Order wedding ring
2. Ring comes in wrong
3. Jeweler promises to fix ring, and needs to hold my engagement ring for measuring purposes. No work is being done on my engagement ring.
4. Me, live several days without my favorite possession in the entire world.
5. Go pick up ring, completely wrong, again.
6. Stay very calm, jeweler agrees to order second ring, and promises, promises me it would be ready by today.
7. Me, live several more days without my favorite possession in the entire world.

This leads us to today. I was planning on heading out to get the wedding ring after work, but called them in the afternoon to confirm that it was ready. I had been dealing with one very nice woman, who was very helpful and apologetic, and knew my whole order history. I called, asked for the very nice, very helpful and apologetic woman, but she was with another customer. I ask the woman on the phone to see if my order was ready for pick up. I gave her my name, and Dave's name, so that she could find the ring. I was on hold for at least 5 minutes. The same woman came back on the phone and says that she cannot find the order for Yates. My name is not Yates. Dave's name is not Yates. I calmly (OK, questionable on the calmly) explain that my name is not Yates. Again, I gave her my name, and Dave's name, so that she can find the ring. Again, I am on hold for more than 5 minutes.

When she gets back on the phone she tells me that my ring will not be ready for a few days. After a very deep, and very calm breath on my part, I explain that 1. I cannot wait a few days for a ring that should have been ready weeks ago 2. I was promised it would be ready today 3. Someone should have called me if the ring wasn't ready today, I was about to drive out there. It is important to note that I know it is not lady-on-the-phone's fault. I tell her that I know it is not her fault. How could this be her fault? I know this, and I am still very, very nice to her. However, I am getting married in a week and a half, so the current direction of the wind is setting me into a tizzy, never mind something as important as the ring I will be wearing on my hand for all of my live long days. I have been fighting the fact that I have been running on 150% pure emotion for the past week or so, but it is unavoidable. I am now embracing it. I am acting like a crazy person, let's all just roll with it.

She could sense my desperation, hell wild gazelle in Africa could sense my desperation at this point. She started to review the work order. Now remember, the wedding band was the wrong size. They were shaving the wedding band to match my engagement ring. As she is reading the work order, she said to me "so it looks like they were shaving the diamond." I am 30 years old. I have lived a full life, experienced many things, on varying levels of joy and displeasure. But today was the first time that I could actually feel my brain pass along the message, first down my spine, then through my chest, then into my lungs, telling them to breath. And I am really thankful that my body is able to cruise into autopilot at moments like this. It took all of my self control to push through my emotion and gather more information. Half of me was saying, "No, she is just reading this wrong, why would anyone ever shave a diamond, this is absurd, bitch is crazy." The other half was saying, "Abort. Abandon ship, mission failure, ignite complete system shutdown." I can honestly tell you that I have no idea what I said to her, not one clue. But I said something. I can't even tell you what she said back to me, because all I was thinking is "WHY WOULD ANYONE SHAVE A DIAMOND!?!?!"

So something happened, I don't know what. She knew I wasn't happy. I do remember telling her several times that my engagement ring was not supposed to be touched. I remember that we both agreed that it would be best if I talked to the very nice, very helpful and apologetic woman. I remember that she told me that the very nice, very helpful and apologetic woman would call me as soon as she was done with the other customer. And then I remember waiting.

I am lucky that I work with some amazing people. My ladies (yes, you ladies) were the only thing that stopped me from throwing my body on the ground and pounding my fists into the earth. As I was facing the prospect of potentially having the most irreplaceable object in my life destroyed, they calmed me. This was no easy task. They even made me feel like I wasn't crazy. Also not an easy task.

To cut to the chase, I finally talked to the very nice, very helpful and apologetic woman. With the keen sense of a tiger, she could also feel my desperation. She assured me, numerous times, and in various ways, that no one touched my engagement ring. She apologized (hence her name) for the confusion. She said was looking at my ring and the jeweler hadn't touched it. The dizziness went way. Normal breathing resumed, well for the time being anyway.

I am going to get the rings tomorrow. I have no idea how this is going to turn out. No matter what the wedding band looks like, I will be taking my engagement ring home with me. I am still banking on the fact that the woman on the phone made a slip of the tongue, or that she had no idea what she was talking about, or that she has a mild form of Tourette's which caused her to say the most absurd thing that one human being has ever said to another.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

May the peeps be with you

The Washington Post, one of the most respected newspapers in the country, recently held a Peeps Diorama Contest. The winners were announced today, and as I was reviewing the photos of the greatest peep dioramas in the land, one thought kept reoccurring to me. With all of these grown adults, holding down professional jobs, spending a ridiculous amount of time putting these things together, how did I not know about this before today?!?! Seriously, I cannot believe that I did not enter this contest. Just think of the possibilities!

You should really take the time to see the photographs of the winning dioramas. My favorite is #7, "I gave her my heart, she gave me a peep." I am still laughing about it. I would love to see more of these.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I run on Dunkin

Donuts that Clarkson bought me

I walked into work today to find this box on my desk, along with a decaf iced coffee. Hello? How awesome is that?! My friend Clarkson knows that I haven't been eating much, and wanted to make sure I put some sort of food product in my body. It isn't that I am dieting, when I get stressed I can't eat. My body rejects the thought of food the same way Santino was rejected by Michael Kors in the final round of Project Runway Season 2. Let's just say that this week has been a little stressful for me. I mean it isn't like I have to make any decisions this week, or that my jeweler is being a monkey, or that I have so much crap to get done that I can't see straight, or that like, um, I'm getting married soon. Or anything like that. Yeah, just a little stressful.

It's great that at times like these I can sink my teeth into a few of these bad boys. I can always manage to eat the Dunkin, especially when the King of the Donuts is present. Or, should I say, the official donut of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Woohoo! Donuts

Thanks Clarkson!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Real Men Don't Leave Before the End of the Ninth

Real Men Don't Leave Before the End of the Ninth

Seriously. You do not leave early on opening day. I don't care how bad your team is losing, and the Nats were losing bad, you don't leave early. Period.

It wasn't the greatest day for baseball. Schilling got shelled, and he is on my fantasy team. Grr. But just for the record, Pedro got killed on the opening day of 2004. I know this because I froze my behind off watching the Sox at Camden Yards under four layers of clothing, but I still didn't leave early. My point is that we all know what happened in 2004, and if you don't you should probably stop reading my blog.

However, it is Opening Day! How can you not be happy? I just realized that this is my fourth opening day in a row. My first was when I was in high school, and I went with my sister's friend Alyssa. (Hi Alyssa!) She got me out of school early and we high tailed it to Fenway, and no, I don't think my parents knew about this until about 5 seconds ago. (Hi Mom and Dad!) Since I am coming clean, that wasn't the first, or the last, day I skipped school for a baseball game. (Love ya Mom and Dad!)

I couldn't have asked for a better day today, despite the loss. There is a photographic evidence of all of our fun over on flickr.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

This should be a national holiday


The baseball season starts in mere minutes, and it could not be coming at a better time for me this year. I need the distraction. N-E-E-D, need. The weatherman is telling me that tomorrow will be very sunny and in the high 70's. We will be celebrating with a large group of friends over burgers, dogs, sausages, and beer in the RFK parking, lot bright and early tomorrow morning. The spread we have planned is ridiculous. I will be lathering down in sunscreen, throwing the ball around, and not making a decision about anything. That is all before the game even starts, doesn't that sound amazing? I am wicked, wicked psyched. That is a double wicked people, I mean business. Think of me while you are at work tomorrow, will ya?