Friday, April 13, 2007

Am I blue?

Perfect Weather

Photo Friday this week is "The Blues." The Washington Nationals may have had blue skies on opening day, but their season is already giving me the blues. Last night they logged in their second win. That's right, second win. Their first win was last week, when they barely inched it out in the ninth inning. This meant that last night was the first time all season that they had a man at the plate, and the lead. Yes, all season. Awesome.

The good news is that the Nats aren't my real team. They are the local team, and I dig them a lot, but they aren't the same as my boys. I don't have that violent emotional reaction that goes along with being a Sox fan. I also love the Nats because having them here means I no longer have to go to Baltimore for Opening Day, or any game for that matter. Dealing with Orioles fans during Sox games is annoying enough, thank goodness there are only a few of them.

I am hoping for an upturn for the Nats, I really am, but I think it is going to be a few years before Washington is able to field a decent team. And that makes me blue.

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