Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Go swimmin' in the deep end I find out where your faith begins

I am linking to Mark's web site, because I think he is awesome, and I think all of you should buy his CD. He was a gentleman, and wasn't hawking his wares during our reception. He performs under the name Vandaveer, and his songs are available on iTunes, or the CD is for sale on his site. The second song he played is not on the album, but the first song he played is, "however many takes it takes."

It was so very hard to keep that secret, especially from Dave. On the way up to Boston we heard one of his songs on XM, and we were both giddy. As many of you witnessed on Saturday, he is an extremely talented musician, so hearing him on satellite radio was quite fun. After the song was over I asked Dave to remember to tell him, the next time that he sees him, that we heard him on XM. I have no idea how I didn't open my big fat trap at that point, but I am glad I didn't.

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carolyn said...

thx for the recommendation, i'm diggin' it.