Thursday, April 05, 2007

I run on Dunkin

Donuts that Clarkson bought me

I walked into work today to find this box on my desk, along with a decaf iced coffee. Hello? How awesome is that?! My friend Clarkson knows that I haven't been eating much, and wanted to make sure I put some sort of food product in my body. It isn't that I am dieting, when I get stressed I can't eat. My body rejects the thought of food the same way Santino was rejected by Michael Kors in the final round of Project Runway Season 2. Let's just say that this week has been a little stressful for me. I mean it isn't like I have to make any decisions this week, or that my jeweler is being a monkey, or that I have so much crap to get done that I can't see straight, or that like, um, I'm getting married soon. Or anything like that. Yeah, just a little stressful.

It's great that at times like these I can sink my teeth into a few of these bad boys. I can always manage to eat the Dunkin, especially when the King of the Donuts is present. Or, should I say, the official donut of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Woohoo! Donuts

Thanks Clarkson!


Ann said...

You are killing me! Now I must admit, I am not coming home for your wedding- no, instead I am coming home because I cannot stand another moment w/out Dunkin Donuts in my life, and your wedding just happens to coincide with my regular coffee chocolate frosted breaking point.

Lis said...

Mmmm, the best part is that you shared. Yay.