Friday, April 27, 2007

Point proven

As if only to prove my point about how terrible they are at their jobs, the Orioles broadcast booth has been taking a shellacking regarding a comment they made about Schilling's bloody sock. Now, I don't know how I missed it the other night, but I did not hear the ridiculousness myself. Long story short, Gary Thorne (who you ask?..exactly), stated that Doug Mirabelli told him that Schilling's infamous bloody sock from the 2004 World Series was not really blood, but paint. He also quoted Mirabelli as saying that it was all done for PR purposes. Now, if you think back far enough to 2004, you might remember that the Red Sox were doing a pretty good job of getting press without Curt having to paint his sock before a game. Clearly we weren't getting enough attention for beating the Yankees in the greatest comeback of all time, in all of sports, in seven games of the ALCS. Curt Schilling is full of himself, that is no secret. But to be a nobody, from some nothing baseball market, and accuse him of lying and fraud, is a pretty frickin' absurd.

There are rumors floating around the area that the Orioles owner, Peter Angelos, is looking to sell the team. Since he took over in 1993 the team has done nothing but tank, and he is running the organization into the depths of Baltimore's inner harbor. It would be very exciting to see the O's have a competitive team again. These may be famous last words, but it would be nice to go to Camden Yards for more than just a chance to see the visiting team.

Thorne took his words back by saying that he misunderstood Doug Mirabelli. Maybe the Boston media is making a bigger deal of this then it needs to be. Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe he has no clue what the heck he is talking about. But maybe, just maybe, the O's should be looking for new broadcasters. This would not only be about a sock comment, but how the main voices in the booth have nothing to contribute to the game.

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