Monday, April 02, 2007

Real Men Don't Leave Before the End of the Ninth

Real Men Don't Leave Before the End of the Ninth

Seriously. You do not leave early on opening day. I don't care how bad your team is losing, and the Nats were losing bad, you don't leave early. Period.

It wasn't the greatest day for baseball. Schilling got shelled, and he is on my fantasy team. Grr. But just for the record, Pedro got killed on the opening day of 2004. I know this because I froze my behind off watching the Sox at Camden Yards under four layers of clothing, but I still didn't leave early. My point is that we all know what happened in 2004, and if you don't you should probably stop reading my blog.

However, it is Opening Day! How can you not be happy? I just realized that this is my fourth opening day in a row. My first was when I was in high school, and I went with my sister's friend Alyssa. (Hi Alyssa!) She got me out of school early and we high tailed it to Fenway, and no, I don't think my parents knew about this until about 5 seconds ago. (Hi Mom and Dad!) Since I am coming clean, that wasn't the first, or the last, day I skipped school for a baseball game. (Love ya Mom and Dad!)

I couldn't have asked for a better day today, despite the loss. There is a photographic evidence of all of our fun over on flickr.


Houseboy said...

Are real men drunk before the end of the ninth?

Number 4 of 5 said...

Real men should be drunk by the end of the fourth. Geez.