Tuesday, June 05, 2007

All my pictures seem to fade to black and white

Alex and Lis
Last month was filed with so much color...when I get around to finishing the honeymoon pics you will see what I mean. This month I am switching gears and only shooting in Black & White. I haven't shot in B&W for years...back when I was using a completely manual(gasp!) camera and used a dark room. Is it possible that I am old enough for that? With my new camera, which I really need a good name for, I can shoot in B&W and not have to pay extra for film or developing. So I am pushing my boundaries here a little, and learning that it is harder that I thought.

This is "Bea" and Lis. Lis is my friend, in real life and in blog life, and Bea is her friend. I met Bea for the first time today, but I have been reading his blog for a while now(because it is awesome, you should read it too). It was great to finally talk to him in person, but I felt like I already knew him, or part of him anyway. I imagine this is what pen pals used to feel like when they met for the first time. I say used to, because who has a pen pal anymore? This may sound weird to you non-bloggers, but if you blog you are probably feeling me. He is also hard not to like in real life, mainly because in a few weeks he will be walking from Yankee Stadium to Fenway Park, yes walking, and making a film about it! How cool is that?!? I can't wait to read all about it.

Our friend Bethany was also there, and she blogs too. It was a party, a big blog party. [Bonus points if you get that reference] I took pictures of Bethany too, but they didn't come out. This B&W thing is going to be an adjustment...a test of my patience really. This relearning curve should be interesting.


Lis said...

Yay! Bloggers unite! Bea's beard looks pretty awesome in black and white, both more rugged and more refined. Its a conundrum.

Number 4 of 5 said...

Solid word, Lis, solid word. I love that black and white adds that element...that undescribable quality.