Friday, June 22, 2007


Self Portrait in the window of our hotel room after the wedding

Photo Friday this week is Dream. I was not the type of girl who grew up dreaming about her wedding day. I am just not a girly kind of girl. Planning our wedding was one of the hardest things I have ever done. However, our wedding day was amazing and I am not just saying that because I was the bride (OK, maybe that part helps a little). All of the months of planning fell right into place, and with the help of numerous people the entire day went without a hitch. The girly primping, the ceremony, the music, the pictures, the love, the weather, the laughter, the food, the dancing, and the joy made for a surreal day. I could not have been happier. If I had dreamed about my wedding day, that is how I would have wanted it to go.

There were thousands of photos taken that day in April. It was hard for me to not have a camera in my hands. There were so many times I would think, gosh, I wish I had a photo of that, and boom, there was our photographer popping up out of nowhere to preserve the moment. She was awesome, as are the photos she took...she was nominated for a Pulitzer, she knew what she was doing. (And yes, I just wanted to write that my photographer was nominated for a Pulitzer. How cool is that? When I first contacted her, she emailed me back from the Arctic Circle where she was doing a photo friggin cool, I geeked out over that for a while.) So at the end of the day, I could not resist picking up the camera. This is my reflection in our hotel room window. All of the events were over, everyone was well fed and danced out. It was over, we were married, and I was happy. I had my camera, all was back to normal.


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome pic!

I made some screw ups in our wedding, but hey - it's stuck for a year + so all's well, right?


The photos - great, but neglected to get any group shots until the very last minute when my parents had gone back to the hotel to bed and everyone remaining was...well...a bit weary if not drunk. (Not me tho! heh)

But a girlfriend made me a KILLER photo album and that made up for it.

I'm still getting over the cakes. You have NO idea.

but, hey, congrats!

ttbookjunkie said...

Great shot! I like the blur it helps to give it a dream like feel.